Best Skinny Mom Recipes Under 300 Calories

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Everywhere, you will see that skinny mommy diets are popular. And it’s with exemplary reason, too. It is hard to imagine a busy mom not wanting to look and feel her best while providing great tasting, well-balanced meals for her family.

The skinny mommy diet encourages you to eat healthy, without making your food bland.

Also, it does not mean you need to spend hours in the kitchen cooking meals.

The skinny mommy diet proves that it is easy to make delicious, healthy meals at home. These meals can be prepared in a cost-friendly manner as well. This highlights the best parts of eating.

Moreover, weekly meal planning is a great way to make sure your mommy’s diet succeeds.

Plan your week ahead of time. Follow the menu when planning your grocery list. Plus, avoid impulse purchases that may not be the best option for your diet.

You will no longer need to grab unhealthy food or make quick trips to the supermarket mid-week when you have a meal plan. You will be more likely to have healthy and long-lasting habits if you take the time to plan for success.

This list of easy and delicious skinny mommy diet recipes will help you get started with menu planning.

1. Skinny Tex Mex Casserole

With a simple, one-dish meal that has Mexican flair, you will be able to keep on track with your skinny mom diet.

This low-calorie Tex-Mex recipe is perfect for you.

When your cravings call for it, you can make soup by adding water to thin it out and letting it simmer over the stove. This is preferable to cooking it in the oven.

2. Air Fryer Chicken Nuggets

An air-fried chicken recipe is a great choice for your skinny mom’s diet that the whole family will enjoy as well. The chicken pieces are coated with breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese, and “fried” in an air fryer.

Chicken nuggets are irresistible, no matter what age you are. So keep in mind that this dish will yield the best results if you don’t overcrowd your air fryer and take the time to cook the nuggets by batch.

You can make sure that they are all crunchy on the outside, but juicy and tender inside by following this instruction.

3. Instant Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup

This soup is rich in flavor and has a satisfying, savory taste.

It is simple to prepare and can be made with ingredients you already have at home. However, the best part is that this is one of those skinny mom recipes that has less than 300 calories.

You can make a double tub to enjoy then freeze the rest for a busy evening the following week. 

Read more on easy instant pot recipes here.

4. Skinny White Chicken Enchiladas

Everyone loves the flavor of creamy, cheesy enchiladas, but not the calories that come with them.

However with this skinny mom chicken recipe, you can get low-calorie and low-carb traditional enchiladas.

This delicious dish is made with whole tortillas and reduced-fat cheese. It’s a healthy option for mommies who want to indulge themselves.

5. Chicken Tortilla Soup

For a quick dinner, you can make this simple soup. It is great for busy weeknights and will make your entire house smell wonderful.

The heat level can be adjusted to fit your family’s needs. Just make sure you make two batches to ensure that you have a healthy, low-fat meal to freeze for a different day.

6. Healthy Crockpot Chicken Tortilla Soup

It is an easy to make recipe that has a low-calorie count of 300 calories.

Put all of the ingredients (basic kitchen staples) in a crockpot. Then let it cook all day.

This will make a delicious, low-calorie soup your family will definitely love.

To enhance the flavor, remember to add the lime juice at the end.

7. Skinny Chicken Fried Cauliflower rice

It is a recipe particularly for those who don’t like vegetables, specifically cauliflower-hating ones.

This easy, guilt-free dish that is low in calories and carbs is sure to win them over. It is a healthy and authentic version of traditional chicken fried rice.

Even the most ardent cauliflower hater will return for more. You can keep it vegetarian by not using chicken.

8. Skinny Fried Rice

To satiate your craving for takeout and keep your mommy’s diet on track, try this recipe!

This diet-friendly fried Rice dish is a great choice. It’s like eating takeout, but without all of the calories.

A bag of coleslaw vegetables is the secret ingredient, which will keep you satisfied.

This simple dish gets delicious over time, making leftovers exciting and tasty.

9. Skinny Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Pizza is undeniably irresistible. And this dish uses light alfredo sauce with low-fat cheese that allows for a guilt-free pizza.

This skinny mommy chicken recipe can be made even healthier with Greek yogurt in the dough. It is also a creative way to use up any leftover chicken.

Although, you can substitute any of your favorite toppings rather than alfredo sauce if you don’t like it.

10. Crunchy Baked Chicken Tenders

This skinny mom recipe for a traditional comfort food gives it a healthy twist. Plus, it’s under 300 calories.

These chicken tenders have the same great crunch as traditional ones, but are much lower in calories.

The two steps of magic are: high baking temperatures and browning of the panko crumbs prior to coating the chicken.

Now if you want to make them tastier, you can add parmesan cheese or your favorite spices to your breading mix.

11. Weight Watchers Banana Bread

This is a recommended and favorite muffin recipe for those on a skinny mommy diet.

Not only is the banana bread low in calories, but it also still has the same expected great taste and sweetness.

These muffins are sweetened with oatmeal and applesauce, which replaced the white flour.

It is a great choice as a skinny alternative. Bake them into small loaf pans or as muffins to cut down on overeating and to maintain your portion control.

12. Skinny Zucchini Parmesan

This dish is a healthy alternative to the cheesy eggplant parmesan.

It is a simple dish that will surely satisfy your cravings. Plus with this recipe, you’re consuming less than 300 calories!

To make your dish decadent, you can substitute eggplant for zucchini and use reduced-fat cheeses. No one would know that this meal is low in calories and carbs.

You can save time by making a double batch of this recipe and keeping the other half in the freezer.

13. Skinny Alfredo Sauce

This easy alfredo sauce transforms a family favorite into a high-quality restaurant-quality meal. It is low in calories and takes very little time to cook.

Patience is an important requirement for this meal. Because you need to slowly whisk in the cheese and allow it to thicken.

Although it’s delicious, this sauce is not just for pasta. You can also use it on pizza, casserole and even as a dip sauce.

For a balanced meal, you can add chicken or broccoli to your pasta dish.

14. Mexican Street Corn Salad

For those who have not tried Mexican street corn, this easy recipe will give you the chance to eat it.

This side dish is a combination of healthy and low-calorie ingredients. Thus, it’s full of flavor.

You can be proud to serve this dish at any barbecue or potluck. People will want the recipe!

15. Easy Chicken Enchiladas

A flavorful Mexican-inspired dish is a delicious choice. This recipe is simple to make and has less than 300 calories.

This enchiladas recipe ticks all the correct boxes. Enchiladas are great because they can be filled with just about anything. Even picky eaters will enjoy it!

Delicious fillings may include chicken, beef, black beans and even shredded pork.

You can reduce the carbs by using low-carb tortillas, and filling it with vegetables.

16. Skinny Chicken Fajita Soup

This skinny mommy diet recipe is for you if you love fajitas. It takes the flavorful flavors of fajitas, and makes it low in calories and carbs.

It is completely diet-friendly and will not be noticed by anyone. This soup will become a household staple because of its delicious taste and easy assembly.

It also freezes well and can be customized in many ways. Plus, you can make it in either an Instant Pot or a crockpot.

17. Skinny Cheeseburger Salad

This recipe takes all the best parts of your favorite cheeseburgers and makes it into a healthy, delicious salad. It sounds too good to be true, but it gets even better.

In just 20 minutes, you can make this simple skinny mommy diet meal.

Start by making a salad using your favorite hamburger toppings. Then drizzle the tasty dressing on top.

Moreover, this recipe can be made vegetarian by using veggie burgers and/or a vegetable crumble.

18. Skinny Bell Pepper Nacho Boats

Even if you are on a diet, enjoy the delicious taste of nachos. You can replace chips’ high carbohydrate count with bell peppers.

This makes it a delicious and healthier alternative to regular nachos. Bell peppers have a crispiness that will not make you miss the crunch of a normal chip.

Don’t slice your peppers too thin, as you don’t want them to crack when holding all your favorite toppings.

Remember to use extra beans instead of beef to please the vegetarians in your home.

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