Side For Stuffed Peppers: Try These 17 Delicious Dishes!

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Are you thinking about the perfect side for stuffed bell peppers? This is the list for you!

Stuffed green bell peppers with ground beef and rice and topped with tomato sauce, cheese, and other delicious goodness. It doesn’t get any better than that!

And, you can make them in any other way you want. You can stuff peppers with any combination you prefer.

What Can You Use For Stuffed Peppers

This classic comfort food can be made with a variety of meats, cheeses, beans, vegetables, herbs, and spices. Even though the idea of stuffed bell peppers as dinner is amazing, it is not a meal without at least one side dish.

So what do you do with a timeless classic packed with delicious goodness? You don’t have to worry! Here is a whole list of delicious ideas for dishes that can be paired perfectly with your main meal.

These 17 side dishes will make your stuffed peppers an unforgettable meal.

17 Side For Stuffed Peppers

1. Salad

A lighter side dish is a good idea, especially if you are stuffing your peppers full of starches such as potatoes or rice.

Nothing’s lighter than a crunchy refreshing salad. Aside from these salads being healthy and tasty, there are also many options to choose from. Here are some examples:

  • A Greek salad made with chickpeas, cucumbers, tomatoes, basil, and balsamic vinaigrette
  • A salad made with buttery avocados and crispy cucumbers. It’s even better if you add some tomatoes and cilantro
  • A bowl of lettuce with tomatoes, cucumbers and cheese, all tossed in a creamy ranch dressing
  • A bright and tangy coleslaw
  • A platter of arugula leaves with feta cheese, coated in lemon dressing

These options make for a delicious healthy side dish that can be paired with your main meal.

2. Cheese Platter

A plate of natural cheeses is a great way to add elegance and flavor to your bell peppers. As natural cheeses have mild sweetness, they make a great pair with savory peppers.

Plus, it looks amazing! Enjoy creating your platter with the cheeses and crackers of your choice. Just make sure they’re at room temperature.

3. Potatoes Side For Stuffed Peppers

If your peppers don’t have starches, you might want to serve them with some substantial potatoes.

Regardless of the manner of how you prepare the potatoes, they are delicious and sure to fill the bellies of your guests. Here are some great ways to serve them.

  • Season potato wedges with rosemary and garlic, then drizzled with olive oil and baked until crisp and brown.
  • Baby potatoes can be roasted in paprika to get a crispy exterior and creamy inside.
  • In butter and basil, fry thin or fat strips of potato.
  • Bake the whole thing and then spread butter all over it

4. Sweet Potato Fries

Now, sweet potato fries are a perfect choice if you want something sweet and salty. You won’t feel the guilt of eating regular fries.

Start by cutting your sweet potato into 1/4-inch slices. Then toss them with olive oil and a bit of sea salt. Bake at 425°F for 18-24 minutes. Make sure to turn occasionally.

Remember to cut your fries fairly thin. Thin fries will be more likely to become crispy.

5. Zucchini and Yellow Squash

You’re already serving vegetables as your main dish, so it may be ideal to go all out and serve more vegetables on the side!

A trifecta of flavors, including yellow squash, bell peppers, and zucchini, is something that even non-vegetables lovers will be fans of.

You can sauté the yellow squash and zucchini for a classic side dish.

6. Roasted Veggies 

Roasting is the best way to cook vegetables. This method brings out their wonderful flavors and aromas, and caramelizes them to perfection.

These are some roasted vegetables that are great with stuffed bell peppers.

7. Artichokes As Side For Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed bell peppers paired with artichoke is another great way to go, especially when you flavor them with garlic and lemon. And to enhance the flavor, roast them. Yummy!

8. Cauliflower

Roasting cauliflower brings out its natural sweetness. Then, top it with creamy Parmesan cheese and garlic. If you like some spice, then you can add curry.

9. Carrots

No matter how you cook carrots, they are delicious. You can spice them up with cumin, red pepper flakes, cinnamon and turmeric before roasting them.

This side dish is so delicious that you may forget all about bell peppers.

10. Mushrooms

Mushroom poppers seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic and roasted to perfection. You won’t ask for more!

11. Bread

Stuffed bell peppers and bread are perfect together.

Its tender and crisp texture, plus its mild sweetness, is a great balance to the richness of your peppers.

The bread is also a great palate cleanser, and the flavors complement each other.

You can make a simple toasted garlic bread and its enough to complete your meal, but warm puffed pita bread is also an option.

12. Green Beans

This is not your typical sautéed green bean recipe. If it is seasoned with mirin, soy sauce, and toasted sesame seed, the crunchy vegetable will give it an Asian flair.

13. Veggie Fries

It’s impossible to talk about French fries without mentioning its sweet counterpart, sweet potato fries.

These are delicious, hearty, and easy to prepare. Simply season the sweet potatoes with salt, pepper and cumin then bake in the oven.

While we are on the topic of French fries alternatives, you may also consider baked zucchini fries. They are healthier and more delicious than your regular French fries.

They are also a great companion for stuffed bell peppers.

14. Corn Grits

This dish, also known as creamy polenta, is very customizable. It is possible to make its flavor sweet or savory to complement your stuffed peppers.

For a creamy, sweet polenta, top it with cheese and bell peppers. Or you can add some honey and butter to make a cornbread-like treat.

15. Corn Fritters

Corn fritters are another option, if you’re thinking about using corn. You’ll get soft, creamy and cheesy delights when you fry them up until they turn golden brown. These cakes are simply divine!

16. Yuca

If you want to give your stuffed pepper dish a Cuban flare, boil some yuca, and that’s it!

17. Beer

Last, but not least, a cold glass of beer is the perfect complement to your stuffed bell pepper dish.

The ale’s bitterness pairs well with the natural sweetness from the bell pepper.

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