Gorgeous Kitchen Countertop Options

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Kitchen countertops are one of the fundamental elements of a kitchen. They are a determining factor in the kitchen functionality. Moreover, they add to the beauty and elegance of the space significantly. If you want to see our amazing countertop options, you can visit our showroom in Allentown PA, and witness their magnificence in real life. 

Granite Countertops

Granite is an incredibly hard stone that is a great option for high-traffic areas. It has a score of 6 on the Mohs Scale and is one of the hardest natural stones that are used in home improvements. It is resistant to heat and scratches, which are the most common factors that can cause damage in a kitchen. 

Similar to other natural stones, it has a porous structure. In other words, granite has tiny holes all over the surface that can house dirt and bacteria if it is not properly maintained. The best way to combat this is to seal and reseal the countertops regularly, ensuring that the protective layer can prevent blemishes on the countertops. If you want to renovate your Allentown kitchen with a durable and long-lasting material, granite is the option for you. 

Marble Countertops 

Marble is one of the most beloved countertop materials due to its luxurious appearance and refined aura. It is an amazing option for anyone looking to elevate the allure of their space and create a gorgeous atmosphere with amazing countertops that support a timeless design. Marble countertops will adorn your Allentown home with their grace and sophistication. 

The aesthetic appeal of marble allows it to be used in various spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. Its signature pattern is the perfect timeless touch to finish the design of any room. Moreover, it can keep its cool temperature even in high temperatures. This makes marble an ideal surface for activities such as baking or wine tasting. 

Quartzite Countertops 

Quartzite countertops offer an amazing alternative to people who love the look of marble countertops but want an option that is lower maintenance. Quartzite is known for its refinement and elevated appearance. It will emulate the delicate look of marble while being easy to clean and maintain in your Allentown kitchen.

It is most commonly available in understated colors such as beige and ivory. However, depending on where it is quarried, it can also be available in brighter colors that will add a dash of vibrancy to the space. The minerals that get mixed into it during its creation will determine the intensity and color of its patterns. 

Quartz Countertops

Quartz is an engineered stone that is part natural and part manufactured materials. The natural part of it is comprised of crushed quartzite, which is a long-lasting and durable stone. The manufactured part of quartz is made up of resins, binders, and pigments. The added pigments allow quartz slabs to be manufactured in colors and patterns that aren’t available in natural stones. The resins circumvent the need for sealing or resealing the countertops, as the resins already serve the same purpose. This makes quartz a very easy-to-clean and maintain stone that will fit seamlessly in your Allentown home. 

Although quartz countertops are very durable and beautiful, they aren’t resilient against heat. Therefore, it is best to use trivets before placing hot pans on pots on quartz countertops. Similarly, if your quartz countertops are under direct sunlight exposure for a long time, you might want to consider getting your windows tinted as it can cause fading or yellowing.  

If you are in Allentown PA, visit our showroom to see all of the amazing options we offer. You can question our expert team about any inquiries you might have, or consult with them about which material will best complement your home and your needs. You can also reach us online for further information about our products or services. 

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