About Us

About Us​

Welcome To Share My Kitchen!

We are excited to share all the delicious recipes from around the world! We are passionate about cooking, baking, and kitchen hacks that help cooking enthusiasts like you. 

We have been posting recipes since 2010! We started with just Bulgarian desserts and recipes, and now we are expanding our recipes to all cuisines.

Easy steps to follow​

We love when the recipes are right on the front of the page. No more scrolling, just get to the point!

Delicious recipes

We tried most of these recipes and many of them are recommended by our close friends.

Variety Guaranteed​

We hate serving the same dish over and over again! We upload brand new recipes and reviews every day, so you never run out of cooking ideas.

What do we do at Share My Kitchen?

Roberto Lopez Ceo
Roberto Lopez | CEO

At Share My Kitchen, we provide well-researched product reviews, so you never have to wonder what kitchen appliances you need to get. – It is costly to try them all out alone. So here we find the best possible kitchen supplies for your home.

Maria Anna Foodie And Site Manager
Maria Anna | Foodie and Site Manager

We also include health-related cooking tips to make sure you never get into any burning trouble in the kitchen! Our team is dedicated to share all the easy and the unique recipes to bring variety on your dinner table.