Best Side Dishes For Beef Stew: 14 Savory Sides To Try

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Are you unsure what to serve with beef stew? These 14 simple and quick beef stew side dishes will make your soup a memorable meal. 

Do you need side dishes for beef stew?

Of course, beef stew is delicious on its own. However, this savoury soup can be transformed into a special meal with the addition of a few enhancing side dishes.

Beef stew is the ultimate comfort food. One bowl of this stew contains tender chunks of stew beef, delicious vegetables, and sweet and savoury soup.

This hearty meal warms the body and soul with a single spoonful.

It is the perfect dish to make on a cold, rainy, or snowy day. Another bonus is that a pot of this delicious soup makes the entire house smell wonderful. Least to say that this soup is heaven in a bowl.

What Sides Are Best For Beef Stew?

Beef stew is suitable for companions with crunchy textures. But, it also works well with light, creamy, and refreshing foods.

Both roasted vegetables and salads fit the bill, making them the ideal combination.

However, it doesn’t stop there! These 14 easy side dishes for beef stew will make your meal even better

1. French Baguette

You can’t go wrong when you pair beautiful crunchy bread with soups or stews. Therefore, a French baguette is a great choice for beef stew.

This combination is foolproof and rustic. It is light, crunchy, and tasty. Plus, it can be used as a sponge to soak up the wonderful herb flavors in the soup.

2. Dinner Rolls

Another starchy side that will soak up the delicious gravy. These dinner rolls are perfect for beef stew because they’re soft and buttery.

Both dishes are rich in flavor, making them a beautiful pair.

3. Cheddar Cheese Biscuits

It’s no secret that bread and stew go well together. But have you considered adding cheese, and lots of it?

These decadent cheddar cheese biscuits are the perfect choice for cheesy bread.

4. Corn Muffins

These Mexican cornbread are sweet, filling, and chewy. They’re perfect for your beef stew. And you can add green chiles to the batter to give it more punch.

5. Rice

All that you need to complete your hearty beef stew is a warm bowl of chewy, nutty rice.

It’s a simple side dish that will satisfy your hunger, without overwhelming the flavor of the stew. So, this subtle side dish will make the main course shine.

Both brown and white rice are delicious, but brown rice is chewier, nuttier and tastes better when combined with beef stew.

6. Green Salad

A simple side salad is a great choice. It adds depth, texture, and a gorgeous contrast of flavors to the whole meal.

The stew is rich and tender, while the salad is refreshing. When combined, they make a beautiful combination.

Also, it’s super simple to make! Combine romaine lettuce, onions and parmesan cheese, then drizzle with a vinaigrette dressing.

7. Mashed Potatoes

Another starchy delight that will satisfy your appetite. Two of your favorite comfort foods all in one. This gives you the ultimate comfort food.

Imagine it: a warm bowl of beef stew, paired with creamy potatoes enveloped with butter and sour cream.

This image alone will make your mouth water.

8. Cauliflower Mash

Mashed potatoes are delicious, but they have a lot of carbs and calories. You can substitute cauliflower for potatoes if you prefer a lighter but equally delicious version.

For a rich, earthy flavor, add some parsnips to the mix!

9. Polenta

This Italian staple is rich and creamy, just like mashed potatoes. It’s made with cornmeal and butter.

Its subtly sweet flavor is what makes it unique. Just the perfect addition to sweet and savory slow-braised beef.

10. Roast Potatoes

Another potato recipe that pairs well with beef stew are roast potatoes. They are light, crispy and simple to prepare.

Start by slicing the potatoes, then boil them. Place them on a baking tray and drizzle olive oil over them.

Season with salt & pepper, then bake for 50 minutes at 400°F.

11. Couscous

Although it isn’t as well-known as the others, couscous is a delicious side dish for beef stew.

The unique grainy texture of this dish absorbs the tasty beef stew flavors. Plus, it is easy to prepare!

Combine equal amounts of couscous and water to cook. Bring to a boil, then let it simmer for 5 minutes, while stirring with a fork.

Next, add baby spinach leaves, chopped green onion, and any other fresh herbs you like. It’s fantastic!

12. Tomato Salad

Beef stew is so rich in flavor that you need a simple and sweet companion to balance it. A nice, refreshing tomato salad is a great choice for this combination. Plus, if you don’t want this to be a side dish, you can eat tomato salad as an appetizer before your beef stew.

Simply combine fresh tomatoes with mint, parsley and dill.

Then, season it with olive oil, garlic, vinegar and lemon juice. It is simple and yet very effective.

13. Grilled Vegetables

A side dish of cucumbers, bell peppers, zucchini and mushrooms with slow-braised beef sounds incredible. And here’s a better way to grill them:

Simply season your vegetables and grill them for 10 minutes. It’s that simple!

14. Buttered Cabbage

Another simple, yet delicious side dish to serve with your beef stew dinner. In fact, cabbage can be bland on its own.

But you can make a delicious side dish by seasoning it with salt, pepper, and smothering it with a lot of butter.

What are good vegetables to put in a stew?

Beef stew can contain literally any vegetable that YOU love. Common vegetables that you can cook in your beef stews are carrots, potatoes, onions, and sometimes broccoli too. In our beef stew recipe, we included a whole recipe just for instant pot lovers.

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