Thai Chili Vinegar: Make Your Own in 5 Minutes

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Learn how to make Thai chili vinegar, the perfectly fitting condiment for numerous dishes. This is a simple recipe that requires no cooking.

With malt vinegar, garlic cloves, red and green chillies, and basil leaves, create a tart vinegar. It is easily ready to use, and eventually the hot flavors of the basil, garlic, and chillies will infuse into the vinegar over time.


This condiment is famous in the UK for being served with cockney pie mash or liquor in London. It is also sprinkled on top of the British favorite fish and chips! This gives food a warm, spicy-sweet flavor.

Since it is made with malt vinegar, a popular condiment in England, nearly every household in the UK has a bottle sitting in their cupboard.

It is often found in restaurants and pubs. And it can be smelled along the seaside piers, served on fish and chips and sprinkled on street food found in market food stalls.


In order to sterilize a vinegar bottle, clean the lid and bottle in soapy water. Next, fill a large saucepan with boiling water enough to cover the bottle and lid. Then let the bottle and lid stand in the hot water for 15 minutes.


This recipe calls for simple ingredients, such as malt vinegar, chillies, garlic, and basil leaves.

  • Chillies: Use a mixture of red and green bird’s eye chilies. However, any variety of chilies of your preference can be used. Remember that the vinegar will be hotter if you keep the seeds intact.

  • Garlic: Add 3 cloves; you can adjust the amount to suit your tastes.

  • Basil Leaves: Fresh basil leaves are best. When pushing the basil into the bottle, use a chopstick. If you are using dried basil leaves, add 1/4 teaspoon to the mixture.

  • Malt vinegar: Also known as brown vinegar, is made from malting barley. It has a milder and sweeter taste than white vinegar. The color may vary from light or dark brown.

To infuse the vinegar’s flavors, give the bottle a shake before opening.


Traditionally, thai chilli vinegar is served with pie mashing and liquor, sprinkled on homemade chips, or on fries with salt.

To give your dishes a hot, acidic kick, you can use chilli vinegar in marinades and homemade sauces instead of other kids of vinegar.

Use it in salad dressings and as a splash of oil in your stews, casseroles, or curries to add some depth.

You can also enjoy it with fish and meat. Why not add a splash of chilli vinegar to your oven-baked sea bream recipe?


This chilli vinegar condiment has malt vinegar acting as a preservative to garlic, chillies and basil. So, it can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

If you want to use it after storing it for 2 weeks, strain the vinegar through a sieve. This will remove any basil, garlic, and chillies before they taint.

Don’t worry! It will retain its thai chilli vinegar flavoring, and can be used for approximately 4 months if kept in the refrigerator between uses.


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