What To Serve With French Onion Soup? Here Are 7 Side Dishes

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French onion soup is a rich, creamy, delicious soup that warms not only the whole body, but also the soul. This soup is so filling and decadent that it can be served as a main dish, unlike other soups which are only good as an appetizer or side. What to serve with French onion soup? We’ve got 7  side dishes to accompany it in order to keep things interesting.

How Does French Onion Soup Taste Like?

It is a savory soup with explosive flavors, so pair it with other dishes that are not overwhelming. It’s important not to make it clash with the blended flavors, instead pair it with something that will complement it. The sweet caramelized onions and savory beef broth are the highlight of this dish. It is then topped with soft melted cheese and French bread.

If you are unsure what to pair with French onion soup, this beautifully curated list is perfect for you. You can choose your favorite side, main, dessert or drink to match with your soup.

What To Serve With French Onion Soup?

1. Green Salad

Let’s begin this list by introducing a side dish or appetizer. A green salad is a refreshing, crunchy, nutritious, and delicious side dish that can be paired with almost any type of dish.

You can’t go wrong with soup or salad, no matter if it’s a creamy Caesar salad or tangy balsamic vinaigrette.

You can choose and pick your favorite toppings and salads. But these two options are great if you want something to go with French Onion Soup.

  • Lettuce with pomegranate seed, jicama and parmesan cheese then topped with a dressing of olive oil, apple cider vinegar Crème Fraiche, scallions, salt and pepper.
  • Romaine lettuce with anchovies, garlic, extra virgin oil, Parmigiano Reggiano, and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

2. Chicken Pesto Panini

French onion soup is known for its delicious melted cheese topping. So, a dish that has the same ingredient will work well with it, the classic panini!

To make the panini: spread butter on each bread slice. Then, add cheese, chicken, tomato, avocado, mayo, pesto sauce, and a pinch of salt and pepper. Put it on a griddle and it’s ready to eat in just 3 to 5 minutes.

It produces a crisp, golden panini that is rich in warm mozzarella cheese. This is the perfect companion for your delicious soup.

3. Steak

Steak is known as the “holy grail” of entrees. It’s the perfect thing to pair with your French onion soup. It doesn’t matter what kind of steak you like, it will go well with your soup.

You can reduce the bold flavors of the soup by pairing it with less fatty cuts of steak. Then a filet mignon and a New York strip of steak will be your best options.

Now, if you’re looking for something to go with your delicious soup, try a nice flank steak. This will give you something meaty to chew on.

And if you are looking for a rich meal, make sure to pair your French onion soup with a T-Bone steak or rib-eye steak. This combination is richer and more filling!

4. Scallops

Are you looking for something lighter to pair with your soup? Let’s talk about seafood! Scallops are also known as large meaty chunks and heaven. They taste delicious with French onion soup.

Searing scallops to perfection is the key to making them irresistible. Next, you only need a little butter, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Then add 2 teaspoons of unsalted butter and 2 tablespoons of olive oil into a skillet or sauté pan.

Add salt and pepper to your scallops. When the skillet has reached a high temperature and the fat has started smoking, add the scallops gently. Cook each side for approximately 1 1/2 minutes.

Timing is crucial so it is recommended to set a timer for at least 90 seconds. You may serve immediately after each side has been cooked. The scallops should have a golden crust on both sides, but remain translucent in the middle.

These golden beauties are even more beautiful because of an amazingly delicious saffron-sauce.

5. Baked salmon

Baked salmon is another great seafood to pair with French onion soup. This delicious fatty pink fish is simply divine. It is not too heavy, nor too light, and balances perfectly with the richness of this soup.

Also, this dish is also very easy to prepare! Simply add garlic to the dish for flavor, then bake it, and serve.

6. Wine

Beverages are always one of the best to pair with food! Serve French onion soup with wine to give it a sophisticated touch.

French onion soup requires a wine with a medium or full-bodied wine, which goes well with any broth-based soup. And if your soup has a pureed consistency, a creamier wine with more texture can never go wrong. However, a simple, affordable white wine, those that are more dry and sweet, is always a good choice.

7. Dark Chocolate

Let’s wrap up your meal and this article, and give it a sweet end. All dark chocolate lovers rejoice! This bittersweet favorite is great with French onion soup because of its mild flavor.

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