Top 7 Barebells Protein Bar Flavors To Try

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Barebells protein bars are a great choice for those who want to eat healthily but still crave sweet snacks. These protein bars are so delicious, that you’ll be amazed at how much it resembles candy. However, it is nothing like it.

Where does Barebells Protein Bar Made

It is a Swedish brand that was founded in 2016. This company prioritizes “protein-enriched alternatives to snacks and desserts.” But, the catch is that they won’t trade off on the flavor.

Barebells Protein Bar Nutrition Overview

These protein bars have a lean nutrition profile. Although the bars are very low in calories, they are full of protein. The nutrition value may also differ. However, it is worth noting that the bars do not contain any added sugar. According to the brand, the result is “utterly Barebellicious”.

Here’s the list of the best Barebells flavors from amazing to great.

Top 7 Barebells Protein Bar Flavors

1. Cookies and Cream

Barebells cream and cookies are at the top of this list since they are irresistible and addictive. This is easily one of the most delicious cookies and cream healthy bars on the market. You won’t be able to stop eating at a single cookie or cream protein bar. This flavor is very filling, but you won’t mind eating a lot of it.

These protein bars have a soft pillowy chocolate center. It also has an outer chocolate crush with crispy cocoa soya sprinkles. It gives you a crunchy texture on the outside which contrasts well with the soft texture inside. Moreover, its chocolate is rich in flavor and tastes high-quality. It is exceptionally sweet as the cookies are more pronounced compared to the cream.

For those who like more balanced flavors, this flavor might be too sweet. So, if you don’t like sweets, avoid this flavor.

2. Caramel Cashew

Caramel Cashew is another delicious nut-based flavor of the Barebells protein bar. This qualifies as a dessert bar because it has a rich, and delicious texture and taste. Also, caramel cashew is sweet, even though it has no sugar. Its crispy crust has crumbled cashew nuts covered in a milk chocolate coating. The solid coating turns into a soft, creamy, marshmallow-like interior. The combination of the rich, creamy chocolate center, and the crispy bite of the nutty coating is a delight.

Between the center and the coating is a very thin layer of caramel. The caramel layer adds just enough moisture, but it lacks the expected saltiness. Yet, it is still a fun snack because of the variety of textures. The cashews, however, don’t have a strong flavor. They are more important for the bite instead of the taste. It would also have been more delicious if the outer coating was thicker.

3. Hazelnut Nougat

After the salty peanut flavor, Barebells’ second vegan protein bar is the hazelnut nougat. It has been a huge hit since its introduction in 2019. It is simply stunning, so it’s no surprise. This protein bar has a wonderfully soft nougat cream-filled center with a milk chocolate coating. The crisp outer chocolate layer balances the soft and rich texture of the center.

The crunchy coating plus the gooey center are in perfect harmony. Then, add a layer of moist caramel between them. It gives the protein bar a warm sweetness and punchy taste. Moreover, the milk chocolate flavor combines perfectly with the nutty taste. However, it is hard to believe that this protein bar is 100% plant-based due to its rich and well-rounded flavors. This vegan snack is a delicious one!

4. Salty Peanut

The salty peanut flavored Barebells Protein bar is one of their most amazing flavors. It is creamy and soft inside, and crunchy and salty outside. The description alone makes you crave for it. If you like peanut butter with a little saltiness, this is the perfect healthy snack. These protein bars are also made with real salted peanut pieces with a deep-roasted taste. Then, the peanut crust is coated in milk chocolate, but it is drier than other Barebells flavors. It is still soft and chewy inside accompanied with a nice bite from the chunky peanuts on the crust. This flavor is also dense and satisfying. Therefore, it will keep you full for hours. It is great for pre-workout fuel or post-workout snacks.

However, Barebells salty peanuts do not work for everyone. This protein bar is great for those who do not prefer overly sweet flavor. The hint of saltiness also creates a deep, delicious flavor. Additionally, it’s 100% vegan!

5. Crunchy Fudge

Barebells created the perfect combination of crunchiness and fudge with its crunchy fudge flavored protein bars. This bar features a great, decadent milk chocolate layer with a crumbly crust. Then, the entire length of the crust is decorated with white chocolate discs. However, these discs don’t enhance the flavor. Instead these discs are only there to add visual appeal. Under the crumbly crust is a layer of soft, almost gooey chocolate fudge with a little caramel.

This protein bar is irresistible because it has a wonderful combination of crunch and soft. It’s also one of those flavors that tastes too delicious to be healthy. In addition, its blue-and-gold packaging makes it look luxurious.

6. White Chocolate Almond

This flavor is not only about the creamy white chocolate and crunchy almond exterior, but also the gooey chocolate perfection of this flavor. The chocolate-laden center is deliciously sweet and smooth. It’s also neither too dry nor too mushy. Its texture is just right. Moreover, the soft white chocolate coating works well with the crunchy almond bits. Then, between the layers is a sweet caramel layer. It’s a luxurious addition to the already delicious white chocolate, and authentic almond flavors.

This flavor is, without a doubt, addictive. It is just the right amount of sweetness and crunch, and a bit of saltiness from the almonds. This is a melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness. Don’t hesitate if you love white chocolate. Go for it. It is a good snack. However, it could be better if the chocolate coating were thicker.

7. Chocolate Dough

Barebells chocolate dough bars will satisfy your chocolate cravings. These protein bars have delectable milk chocolate covered with chocolate crisps. It is rich, luxurious, and extremely filling. So, this dessert bar is perfect for those times when you need to get a sugar fix. It is a zero-sugar snack, but it tastes sweet. It will also satisfy your hunger.

The chocolate dough flavor is neither too chewy nor too soft. These protein bars have a soft bite, and crunchy feel due to the crispy chocolate toppings. Although it may not be a flavor you get addicted to, it is certainly hard to forget.


Barebells make enjoyable and delicious protein-rich snacks. The brand is a favorite among exercise and fitness enthusiasts due to their delicious flavors and lean nutritional profile. Each bar contains good amounts of protein, fiber, and is delicious even though it has no sugar. There are even some great vegan flavors.

Barebells still does not disclose the exact ingredients of their protein bars. Some customers expressed concern about the use of Acesulfame K in some older flavors. Therefore, before you make these protein bars your regular treat, it is worth doing some research.


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