Rare Coffee That Tastes Like Chocolate

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There are excitingly different types of coffee beans. Now a good coffee can go a long way. Coffee can come in many different flavors depending on how it is made and brewed. This is great as it allows everyone to find their preferred type. It can be an amazing experience to explore the many varieties of coffee. Coffee has many different flavors, from fruity to chocolatey. And this guide will show you how to make the best coffee that tastes chocolatey!

5 Rare Coffees That Taste Like Chocolate

1. Jim’s Organic Coffee – Double Chocolate

This organic coffee is light roasted, but it has a rich chocolatey flavor. They have added natural flavors. This blend is highly recommended if you want a strong chocolate flavor in your coffee.

2. Folgers Simply Gourmet Natural Chocolate Flavored Ground Coffee

This is a cheaper option to a great organic chocolate flavor coffee. Although it is less expensive, the quality is still excellent. These Arabica beans are only flavored with natural flavors. This blend is rich and has sweet chocolatey notes. It is a quality coffee at a very affordable price.

3. Door County Coffee Mocha Mint

Now this blend is for chocolate mint lovers. Of course, we are referring to natural flavors that are added in premium quality coffee beans. Door County Coffee only uses the finest Arabica coffee beans. This medium-roasted coffee tastes like dark chocolate with a mint undertone.

4. Cameron’s Coffee Chocolate Covered Cherry

Cameron’s Specialty Coffee has the right blend for you if you like both chocolate and fruity flavors. This chocolate-flavored coffee in a light roast is well-suited for the cherry undertones. This gives the coffee a rich cocoa flavor and sweet cherry taste.

What is the Chocolate Note in Coffee?

It is important to remember that we don’t mean coffee that tastes like hot chocolate when we refer to the chocolate taste or chocolate aroma in coffee beans. It tastes more like dark chocolate or bitter chocolate than sweet milk chocolate.

Another important point to mention is that the coffee blend (meaning the beans) is where the flavors and notes originate. It is impossible to gain a chocolatey note in a coffee bean without adding it, if it doesn’t already have that note. There are many ways to enhance the chocolatey flavor of the coffee bean.

Author’s Note: Starting with the harvesting then the drying and finally the roasting. All these processes can enhance the chocolatey flavor of coffee.

Where does the chocolate taste come from?

Well, it is related to the soil. This is the reason why some locations produce coffee with a chocolate-like taste, while others have a more fruity flavor. High potassium levels in the soil can make the coffee taste sweeter. This will lead to a coffee with a more chocolatey flavor. pH levels also affect how the plant can absorb nutrients from the ground which gives that sweeter taste.

Where Can You Find Coffee That Tastes Like Chocolate?

The chocolate notes are common in coffee beans from Guatemala, El Salvador and Brazil. This is due to the soil in which the coffee beans are grown. Coffee beans have a chocolate taste that is closer to dark chocolate than sweet milk chocolate. However, this still can vary.


Coffee beans from Guatemala, for example, have a dark chocolate flavor that can be more intense and somewhat bitter. While Columbian coffee will have a similar chocolate taste to cocoa. And coffee beans from Brazil have chocolate notes that are very close to a sweeter chocolate taste.


It is known that Vietnamese coffee has a pretty strong chocolatey flavor.

Remember that although soil and location play a significant role in coffee taste, this doesn’t necessarily mean that every coffee from these countries tastes the same. So if you’re judging coffee based on where it is located, it might not be the way to get it right. To ensure that your tastes are satisfied, it might be a better idea to purchase a smaller quantity on your first attempt.

You can ask for a recommendation if you’re buying coffee from a specialized coffee shop. There are coffee shops where you can taste their coffee beans before you buy.

How Does Roasting Coffee Make It Taste Like Chocolate?

The roast can also affect the taste. Normally, it can intensify the flavors that the beans already contain. You should look for dark or medium roasts if you want to taste chocolatey notes. While the light roasts are usually more fruity.

You can also find flavored coffee for a stronger chocolate flavor. A wide variety of high-quality coffee with chocolate notes is available, so you will be able to find them. Check out our recommendations.

The Best Coffee Roast That Tastes Just Like Chocolate

Author Note: Coffee beans are best roasted to preserve and nourish their chocolate flavors. Some would argue that the roast is more important than the taste of the beans. However, this is not entirely true.

Although the roast plays a significant role in bringing out the flavor and aroma of coffee beans, it’s impossible to get that taste without adding flavors if the bean doesn’t have a particular note. Roasting coffee beans with a chocolatey taste properly can enhance their flavor. And a medium roast is the best for nourishing the chocolate flavor in coffee.

Because it brings out the flavor better than lighter roasts, medium roast coffee is best for coffee that has chocolate tones. Medium roasts are the ones that taste more like hot chocolate and have sweet chocolatey notes. On the other hand, light roasts are more suited for coffee with fruity undertones. If you don’t like those, you may want to steer clear of them.

Dark roasts can also be used for chocolatey and nutty tastes. However, they are more bitter or earthy than medium roasts. These roasts taste similar to dark bitter chocolate. So opt for the darker roasts if they suit your preference.

Best Coffees That Taste Like Chocolate

Flavored coffee has a bad reputation. It is mostly due to coffee geeks who believe that adding flavor to coffee will diminish its taste. However, the numbers don’t lie. Flavored coffee has a long history and is gaining popularity. So there are many chocolate flavors of coffee available to choose from. This includes a wide range of roasters, flavors, notes, and quality.

Top Tip: When adding flavors to coffee beans, it is important to consider the origin and roast of the coffee. The added flavors enhance or complement the already rich chocolate flavor of the coffee bean.

Let’s take a look at the best chocolate-flavored coffees available.

Coffee is one of the most multi-faceted flavors we choose to consume. There is a wide variety of types of coffee, each with its own unique flavor. This is great news as it allows us the freedom to explore and discover our favorite coffee blend. Remember that the coffee’s taste is determined by the beans, the roast, and the brewing process.

When we talk about beans, coffee beans can have either chocolate, fruity, or sometimes both. Although chocolate notes are common in coffee, it is important to understand what you want.

What Other Flavors Does Coffee Have?

Coffee is complex in taste. It has few undertones or notes. A lot of coffee beans can have a fruity or chocolaty taste, or it could be both. It is actually common to find a chocolatey note in coffee beans. All of this depends on the origin of the coffee, how it was roasted and whether any other flavors, artificial or natural, were added.

We will be looking at which coffee beans are rich in chocolate, and how they are roasted to get those flavors. We’ll also be looking at the best coffee with chocolate flavor.

Let’s get started with the best coffee that tastes just like chocolate!

Stay caffeinated in the best way!

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