Spicy Furikake Recipe: Japanese Style

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Last Updated on January 19, 2023 by Share My Kitchen

This recipe blog will show different ways to make spicy furikake with curry and mushrooms. These are the most common ingredients in your kitchen, so you should try them all!

Curry is a popular soul food all around Japan, from Hokkaido to Osaka. It is a family favorite weekend lunch option. Curry is a perfect tenor to riff on in many ways without sacrificing the spiciness!

Moreover, you can modify this recipe in many ways. So, you can substitute mushrooms with various ingredients like meat, seafood, or vegetables.

Spicy Furikake Recipe

One of the great things about this recipe is that it is very versatile. You can use it as a marinade for chicken or pork or as a base for a stir-fry. You can also add different herbs and spices to change up the flavor.


  • 150 g Mushroom of choice
  • 1 tsp Shoyu
  • 1.5 tsp Curry Powder
  • 1 tsp Rice Vinegar


  1. Chop the mushrooms of your choice finely, and combine them all in a pan.
  2. Stir fry all the ingredients in your pan for a minute, then cover it with a lid for two more minutes.
  3. Next, remove the lid, and continue to stir until the water has reduced from the mushroom. Serve it with warm rice!


Hopefully, you’ll be as pleasantly surprised as we were by how much you can do with this super easy recipe. Remember, don’t be afraid to get creative, and don’t be afraid to let your preferences shine. The possibilities are endless when it comes to using furikake at home.

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