5 Salted Egg Ideas for Ultimate Comfort Food

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Salted eggs are a popular delicacy in Asian countries like China, Vietnam, and Indonesia. They can be made using chicken eggs or duck eggs. I prefer to use duck eggs for salted egg recipes because their yolk is richer and more flavorful. Here you have 5 salted egg ideas. However, these delicious and easy recipes can also be made with salted chicken eggs if you don’t have any duck eggs.

What Are Salted Duck Eggs?

Salted duck eggs are preserved duck eggs using salt to ensure they last a long time. You can make them in many ways. For example, you could coat the egg with a salted charcoal paste or soak it in a saltwater solution for 20-40 days. The same process can be used to preserve other types of eggs, like chicken eggs, but duck eggs are more popular because they have a tastier and oilier yolk.

Recipe Tips

  1. When replacing duck eggs with chicken eggs, don’t leave them in the saltwater solution for too long. Because chicken eggs are smaller than duck eggs, they will become saltier quickly than duck eggs. The eggs will become saltier if they are left in the brine for longer periods of time. The yolk and whites must be balanced since you will need to wait longer for the sodium to reach the yolk compared to the whites. Also, the whites may become too salty in the process.
  2. The yolk of salted duck eggs is great with butter (or margarine). Once you have finished all the recipes with salted duck eggs, you can experiment with these condiments. For instance, you could make creamy salted egg pasta.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it healthy to eat pidan (century eggs) and salted eggs?

Some research claims that pidan and salted eggs are “nutritionally rich alternatives of duck eggs products which will benefit human health during consumption.” However, salted eggs contain a lot of sodium, so it’s not recommended to eat too many of them. A salted egg yolk can have 680 mg sodium, which is 1/3 of the recommended daily intake. It also contains more than half of the recommended daily intake of cholesterol. Many salted egg yolk recipes use more than one egg yolk. Therefore, while this classic condiment is delicious, it is not recommended that you eat them too often.

Salted Egg Ideas: What to Serve It With?


Salted Egg Tofu (Fried tofu & salted egg yolk sauce)

This salted egg tofu recipe is incredibly simple and delicious. The fried tofu is crispy, and it comes with a buttery and creamy salted egg yolk sauce. It has hints of citrusy curry leaf as well as the spicy kick of the chilli. Tasty!

Salted Egg Yolk Sauce

This creamy, versatile salted egg yolk sauce recipe can be used to make tofu, chicken, pork, prawns, and many other dishes.


It is easiest to boil or steam eggs. Chinese people often eat this simple side dish with congee as breakfast.

These eggs can be fried in a pan, just like a regular chicken egg. Then, serve them with a plate of fried rice or noodles.


Quick and Easy Salted Egg Yolk Popcorn Snack Recipe

This salted egg popcorn is loaded with umami, and you will not be able to stop munching on it! Although curry leaves and chili are not required, they add depth and flavor to the popcorn.

Golden Salted Egg Yolk Cornflakes Crunch (Easy CNY Snack)

It is one of the most loved Chinese New Year snacks in Singapore. It requires only 4-6 ingredients, so it’s the easiest and quickest to make.

Salted Egg Crisps

These crispy potato chips are coated in a buttery salted egg sauce. They’re much healthier than shop-bought ones and taste better! Tip: You can replace the potato chips with fish skin if you prefer.


Steamed Filipino Rice Cake (Puto)

Puto, a simple, 5-ingredient, steamed rice cake, is from the Philippines. It’s made with salted eggs, but you can also use chocolate or another ingredient if you like!

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