Is Garam Masala Powder Good For You?

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Last Updated on March 27, 2024 by Share My Kitchen

Aside from making your food flavorful, garam masala also gives you a chockfull of health benefits. For one, it is good for gut health. The clove and cumin in the mix help to regulate the release of gastric acids thus promoting good digestion. You can also expect less bloating and flatulence with their carminative properties.

3 Reasons Why Garam Masala Powder Is Good For You

May Help With Weight Loss

The black pepper in garam masala is also a good source of alkaloid piperine. This chemical is known to boost metabolism which can aid in weight loss.

Improve Cardiovascular Health

The garam masala also has a promising effect to improve heart health. The coriander is effective at lowering the total cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Meanwhile, cardamom is well-known to regulate blood pressure. 


Garam masala is found to have high levels of antioxidants as well. Cinnamon, in particular, has the most promising anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. This is further amplified as it combines with other spices including clove and cardamom.

There are so much more health benefits you can reap from adding garam masala to your diet. However, as they always say, everything is best done in moderation. Although, it is possible to use this seasoning on a daily basis, be aware that the spiciness can consequently trigger hyperacidity too. 

Using Healthy Garam Masala Powder

Are you convinced yet? Use one of the best garam masala powers for cooking your favourite curries, soups, and many more dishes. You can also use this spice to marinate meat.

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