How To Tell If Broccoli Is Bad? Check These 4 Signs

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Broccoli is an excellent vegetable that has many health benefits. Broccoli is a good source of fiber and vitamins. Broccolis make a great dish such our cheesy broccoli recipe. They are full of vitamins, folic acid, and an excellent source of fiber too.

However, they lose all of their health benefits when they go bad. It can also be quite harmful if it is spoiled.

Main Signs To Tell If Broccoli Is Bad

There are several ways to tell if your broccoli has gone bad. These include color, smell, mold, and whether it is firm or soft. Moreover, it is best to use fresh broccoli within 3 days of purchasing.

4 Ways To Tell If Your Broccoli Has Gone Bad

It is best to use it within three days after purchasing to get the best flavor and nutrients from your broccoli. Now, if you find any of these things to be true about your broccoli, it is suggested to throw it out.

It is important to check your broccoli for these before you chop them.

1. Is The Broccoli Soft?

A firm trunk is a sign that fresh broccoli is healthy. On the other hand, a soft trunk can indicate that the broccoli is beginning to go bad.

2. What Is The Color Of The Broccoli?

Fresh and edible broccoli has dark-colored florets and a bright-green trunk.

Therefore, it’s possible that your broccoli is about to go bad if the tips of your broccoli florets start to turn or have already turned a yellowish color.

3. Does The Broccoli Have Mold On It?

Check your broccoli for mold. The signs of mold on broccoli are fuzzy white spots on the florets or black spots on your trunk.

Moreover, if you notice some florets turning black or shriveled, then your broccoli is probably ruined.

Sometimes, however, you can trim off a few small spots, and keep the rest of your vegetable.

4. Sniff Test

Broccoli should not have a bad odor if it is fresh. So, you should not eat the broccoli if it has a bad or bitter odor. Keep in mind that broccoli should smell fresh when it is still fresh.

How To Prevent Broccoli From Going Bad

  • Keep your unwashed broccoli in the fridge wrapped lightly with a dampened paper towel. Broccoli needs to breathe, so wrap the paper towel loosely, and don’t put it in bags.
  • It is also best to eat the broccoli within a couple of days of purchasing since it cannot last long in the fridge.
  • You can also blanch and freeze the broccoli to make it last. You can keep the broccoli in the freezer for up to six months if it is properly frozen.

How To Choose Fresh Broccoli At The Grocery Store

It’s not always a good idea to follow the date printed on the package. It is best to look at the actual broccoli, and make a decision.

Make sure that the broccoli has dark green, tight florets with a fresh bright green firm trunk upon buying.

It will also feel heavy considering its size. Furthermore, make sure that there are no molds on the florets, or black or brown spots on the trunk.


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