Holiday Brunch Chocolate Drink Recipes

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Treat your friends and family to one of these Christmas brunch chocolate drink recipes and keep warm this holiday season with wonderfully comfortable hot dishes.

When the temperature outside begins to drop, people gather different sources of warmth to keep the holiday spirit alive.

The Christmas season is a great time to try out new cocktails. The majority of holiday beverages may be made alcohol-free. That makes them kid-friendly without compromising on the party atmosphere. It’s also fun to decorate your home bar or restaurant for the holidays around Christmastime.

1. Caramel Vanilla Bean Hazelnut Milk

This is a delicious drink to get you started. It is easy to make and has an amazing combination of flavors of nuts, creamy hazelnut milk, and Christmas cookies.

2. Iced Hot Cocoa Recipe

This recipe is perfect for those who love iced lattes even in winter. The refreshing idea behind this sweet and thirst-quenching hot chocolate drink will be appreciated by you and your guests.

3. Rich Hot Brunch Chocolate Drink

You can fill your thermos with hot cocoa this holiday season instead of a Bloody Mary, whether you’re out on the job or at a get-together and you want something hot.

4. Holiday Peppermint Mocha

Make sure to have the festive spirits bright and high with this mint flavored mocha that you can share around during your holiday house party. You can also substitute peppermint with coffee liquor.

5. Alcohol Hot Brunch Chocolate Drink

Here you have hot chocolate that is rich and creamy. It is spiked with dark rum, rounded with honey, vanilla extract, and brown sugar to create the perfect feeling of warmth within during the cold festive season.

6. Old Fashioned Hot Chocolate With Variations

Don’t let the name fool your eyes. Although the classic hot chocolate recipe of milk, sugar, unsweetened chocolate, and vanilla might seem like a traditional combination, there are many creative ways to customize it to your personal tastes.

7. Mexican Hot Brunch Chocolate Drink

Hot chocolate is delicious and fragrant when topped with a dollop of whipped cream, simmered with cinnamon stick, vanilla extract, and a pinch of chili powder. This delicious, not too sweet, hot chocolate is richly flavored with cocoa and lightly seasoned with spices.

8. Spicy Maple Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

This hot chocolate is a great choice for holiday brunch because of its combination of maple syrup and cinnamon, as well as spicy chili powder and cayenne. From one sip to the next, the subtle heat slowly builds. The combination of sweetness and spice will be enjoyed by all guests. This warm and fortifying beverage will help you weather the winter months.

9. Winter Spiced Coffee

Make this delicious cafe-style white spiced coffee drink by blending cardamom, cinnamon sticks, and honey into coffee steeped milk. You can also add a splash of dark rum, if your guests want.

10. Frozen Gingerbread Hot Brunch Chocolate Drink

You don’t need to drink hot beverages in winter. Instead, you can make a frozen version of a traditional hot chocolate for a sweet holiday treat.

11. Sugar Cookie Hot Chocolate

Sweetened condensed milk is what makes this recipe extra creamy. This will be a great drink to pair with sugar cookies.

12. Honey Bourbon Hot Brunch Chocolate Drink

This honey-flavored bourbon hot chocolate will delight your grown-up guests on cold winter nights. Honey is a delicious option for your guests, so treat them with its goodness.

13. Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix

Hot cocoa is the perfect comfort food for a cold day. This recipe is perfect for those who love hot cocoa, rich and dark. It’s a great gift idea to give your family, friends, and neighbors at a Christmas party in a lovely gift bag. It will be extra creamy and chocolaty thanks to the white chocolate used.

14. Hot Chocolate with Almond Liqueur

You can serve this delicious hot chocolate with chocolate chunks, sugar cubes, biscotti, and candy-coated chocolate pieces.

15. S’mores Hot Chocolate

This hot chocolate recipe will take the warmth and coziness of S’mores to new heights, which means it won’t just be for summer campfires anymore. The recipe makes a delicious hot chocolate that is creamy, sweet, and toasty that marshmallows will be the perfect addition.

16. Vanilla Almond Hot Cocoa

This comforting, homemade hot cocoa is perfect for when you are Christmas decorating and opening holiday gifts. It has vanilla and almond extracts to make it extra special.

17. Landmark Hot Brunch Chocolate Drink

This recipe is perfect for winter warming for years with or without a bit of rum. If you don’t want to use whipped cream, you can leave it out.

18. Caramel Hot Chocolate

Enjoy a Christmas classic movie while you warm up by the fire with hot chocolate.

19. Mounds Bar Cocktail Recipe

The combination of coconut and chocolate has been a favorite and it is the perfect pair for sweet treats. And this hot chocolate cocktail recipe is reminiscent of the popular candy bars with the mix. The recipe is simple to prepare and can be shared with family and friends on Christmas Eve. This warm version of a childhood favorite is made with rich, old fashioned hot chocolate and coconut rum.

20. Slow Cooker Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

The latest Christmas tradition is to make a rich and delicious concoction.

21. Hazelnut Coffee

This drink is a wonderful combination of hazelnut, chocolate, and coffee. It is the perfect unique drink for brunch, and quiet moments at the end of the day.

22. Kahlua Hot Chocolate

Everyone prefers homemade hot chocolate to store-bought mixes when they are at home. To make your drink real festive, serve your guests the same thing with a splash of Kahlua.

23. Authentic Mexican Hot Chocolate Recipe

It’s also known in Mexico as Chocolate Caliente. It’s warm and comforting, but also refreshing for those who aren’t used to hot chocolate. This recipe calls for a Chocolate De Mesa, a rustic chocolate that is made with cinnamon and has a spicy flavor.

24. Slow Cooker Peppermint Bark Hot Chocolate

Making this holiday drink for those who love chocolate is now easier, and the credit goes to the slow cooker recipe, which turned out to be the perfect combination. When dressed with peppermints, this recipe will be a crowd pleaser.

25. Hot Chocolate Float

To make a perfect, fun, wintery ice cream float, you can add your favorite ice cream flavor to the hot chocolate for a creamy drink.

26. Peppermint White Hot Brunch Chocolate Drink

This drink is a great way to warm up after a long day of sledding or ice sports. It’s perfect for festive brunch or afternoon tea party.

27. Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate

Your guests will be delighted by this delicious combination of pumpkin, spices, and white chocolate. This drink will be the center of attention at your Christmas party.

28. Peanut Butter Hot Brunch Chocolate Drink

This rich, creamy peanut butter hot chocolate is the perfect beverage to keep you warm throughout the day. And the best part is that it’s very simple to prepare since you only need to use a blender.

29. Snickerdoodle Hot Cocoa

This drink’s aroma of cinnamon, vanilla, and nutmeg will make your guests feel warm and cozy by the fire as soon as possible and enjoy the festive day.

30. Lavender Hot Brunch Chocolate Drink

Although the name may sound odd at first, once you have tried this warm drink flavored with lavender, everyone in your house will never ask for plain hot chocolate again.

31. Fluffy Hot Chocolate

Although the recipe may look simple, a little vanilla gives it a unique flavor. The melted marshmallows also give it a frothy body that you won’t get from a cocoa packet.

32. Mint White Hot Brunch Chocolate Drink

It is a drink that brings out the burst of cool peppermint and creamy white chocolate flavor. For a unique finishing touch and taste, top it off with mini marshmallows.

33. Frozen Hot Chocolate

You can now enjoy your summer frosty treats during winter as well. Simply top up the drink with chocolate sprinkles and whipped cream. Hot chocolate tastes better when shared with loved ones.

34. Dairy Free Hot Brunch Chocolate Drink

Add dark baking cocoa in vanilla almond milk to transform your favorite hot chocolate. Then, top it up with bright sprinkles and fluffy marshmallows to make it festive. It’s vegan and gluten-free, which is the best part.

35. Nutella Hot Chocolate

The classic hot cocoa drinks get a festive twist with extra chocolatey flavor. Serve your guests’ hot chocolate with crushed hazelnuts, chocolate chips, marshmallows, and a bit of Nutella on top. They’ll be enchanted and want more.

36. Cheesecake Hot Brunch Chocolate Drink

Hot chocolate is your best friend and the best part about it is that you can share it with everyone during this festive season. Enjoy this drink with hot cocoa lovers and some cheesecakes.

37. Dulce de Leche Hot Chocolate Pods

Everyone loves hot chocolate, especially on a cold day. The giftable hot chocolate pods are a great way to share the treat with friends, family, and neighbors who appreciate this luxurious drink.

38. Baileys Irish Cream Hot Brunch Chocolate Drink

This hot chocolate will make everyone feel warm and satisfied at the Christmas party. They will melt away in the taste, want more, and even ask for the recipe.

39. Black Berry Hot Cocoa

Although blackberries may seem odd when combined with hot chocolate, the rich tartness of both adds another dimension to an otherwise sweet drink.

40. Red Velvet Hot Chocolate

This comfort drink is smooth, sweet, warm, and rich in chocolate flavor and topped with fresh whipped cream. This homemade recipe is perfect for welcoming your guests to brunch.

41. Hennessy Hot Brunch Chocolate Drink

This hot chocolate cocktail is made with cognac to add a festive boozy kick to your Christmas party. However, the main attraction is the pure vanilla extract and spiced syrup that elevate this festive winter drink.

42. Ski Lift Hot Chocolate Cocktail Recipe

This cocktail combines the heavenly tropical flavors of coconut and peach with the classic richness of hot cocoa. It offers a wild version of the normal winter mug of chocolate.

43. Viennese Hot Chocolate

Serve your guests with authentic European tastes with this delicious and simple recipe from Vienna. It is a warm and beautiful hot chocolate thickened with an egg yolk.

44. Cookies and Cream Hot Brunch Chocolate Drink

Hot chocolate is a double-sided affair. So, you can eat the cookies and even drink them. This drink’s complete touch is the addition of Oreos. Creamy hot chocolate with crushed Oreos. It tastes as good as it sounds.

This is the end of the trending list. These recipes are worth trying! To give your guests multiple options, you can add one or more recipes. If you have another recipe, mix them with the ones listed above to create a new flavor. You can experiment with the ingredients to make your guests an unforgettable drink.


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