Fruits That Start With The Letter V

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Here is the list of fruits that start with V including some scientific names of some of the listed fruits. These fruits starting with V are rich sources of essential minerals and come in a variety of types.

Learning about these fruits can be useful in enriching your daily diet and making it more interesting and diverse. Here is a list of fruits starting with V.

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Common Fruits Starting With The Letter V

This is a list of fruits that begin with the letter V:

1. Velvet Tamarind

This one is a black-colored, velvety-skinned tamarind. It is not as circular as normal tamarinds. Also, it is known as Yooyi or icheku.

It has a sweet pulp, which is high in Vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, and iron. Plus, it can be used to flavor various beverages and snacks.

2. Velvet Apple Fruit

Velvet Apple, also known as Manolo, is the second fruit on the list of fruits that start with the letter V.

Diospyros blancoi is its scientific name. This fruit starts with V which looks almost like an apple with velvety skin. These apples make a good apple pie or baked apples for our Bulgarian cuisine lovers.

3. Voavanga

Voavanga is the third fruit on the list of fruits that start with V. It is given the scientific name Vangueria madagascariensis.

This fruit is a member of the V-fruit list which is native to Africa. This is a green fruit with white dots on it.

4. Vanilla Fruit

Vanilla fruits are pods used as a spice, mostly in Mexican cuisine.

The word vanilla is derived from the Spanish term ‘vaina’ which means ‘little pod’. It is a black colored fruit.

5. Valencia Orange

Citrus sinensis is the last fruit on the list of fruits starting with V. It has an apparent sweet and orange taste.

This fruit is used for making orange juice. Additional to the satisfying taste, the pulp of the fruit has a distinctive color, making it a highly sought-after product in fruit markets.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions about fruits starting with the letter V have been answered.

1. Which fruits beginning with V have the highest water content?

Valencia oranges are richest in water of all fruits starting with V. 87% of the fruit’s water content is water.

2. Which fruits that start with V have high sugar content?

  • Valencia Oranges
  • Vanilla Fruit

3. Are juices and smoothies of fruits as nutritious as eating them?

Raw fruits are better than juiced or made into smoothies. This allows you to get all the nutrients and health benefits of the fruit. Some of the nutritional value in the fruit is lost when it is juiced or made into smoothies.

You can make smoothies and juices more nutritious by adding other nutritious ingredients, like dried fruits or seeds.

4. Which fruits beginning with V are high in protein?

Vitamin C is abundant in fruits beginning with V. Plus, some fruits like vanilla and valencia orange have a small amount of protein content.

5. Which fruits beginning with V are rich fibrous contents?

  • Valencia Orange
  • Velvet Apple Fruit

Final Words

This article was about fruits starting with V. Hopefully, this list was helpful and broadened your fruit platter.

Leave a comment below if there were fruits that were left out that could be added to the list.

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