Fit And Active Bread From Aldi (Only 40 Calories Per Slice)

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Aldi’s Fit & Active bread has been a staple in a lot of people’s lives for a while now. It is one of the best breads besides Nature’s Own butter bread.

What’s Fit And Active Bread, anyways?

Although you aren’t a fan of wheat bread, you will definitely like the Fit & Active white bread. Even children who never liked wheat bread or crust, now have Aldi’s bread as their favorite. They enjoy the white wheat bread and crust.

Fit & Active has a wide range of products that are comparable with national brands without the high prices. One of the best ways to eat bread is by buying Fit & Active ground turkey and making burgers using the grill.

Sandwiches made using bread and grilled turkey patties with mustard, ketchup and onions.

Aldi’s Fit And Active Bread

Aldi’s Fit & Active bread can be compared to national brands like Sara Lee Delightful or Nature’s Own. White and wheat breads only have 40 calories per slice and 7 grams each of fiber. The slices are smaller than the other loaves of bread, but not by a lot. However, the price point of the product is what makes it shine. It is significantly less expensive than the well-known national bakery brands. Plus, the nutritional value and overall value of Fit & Active bread products are what’s most impressive.

Pros and Cons of Aldi’s Fit and Active Bread

The pros

  • With only forty calories per slice, it is easy to eat a sandwich without having to consume excess calories. Plus, it also makes a great snack with peanut butter.

The Cons

  • It will lose some of its smooth texture and become crumbly if it is left in the pantry for too long.

Our Final Verdict

Taste 4
Texture 3
Nutrition 4
Value 5


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