Does Mac and Cheese Expire? 9 Signs That It DID

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You might be curious if the Kraft Mac and Cheese in your pantry expires. Don’t worry, you are not the only one.

In most cases, if you like having Kraft Mac and Cheese packs, you may not check the expiration dates often enough. These packs might have passed their expiration dates. It might also be possible that you end up with a lot of them, and they have passed their expiration date. So, is it safe to eat expired Kraft Mac and Cheese? How can you tell if and when to stop using them?

Don’t worry, this article will cover all aspects of mac and cheese, including whether it expires.

This article also discusses how to tell if the mac and cheese, or what you need to do if you still have packs left in your pantry. Both dry and cooked mac and cheese will be discussed. There are lots to talk about, so stay tuned.

Does Kraft Mac and Cheese Go Bad?

Most people have Kraft macaroni and cheese stocked in their pantry. These are proudly displayed, ready to be served on whims, but does it expire?

Kraft Mac and cheese are dried and packaged, and ready to go in the microwave. They can be used for a long period of time. However, they still have an expiration date.

Although you can see the best-by date on each pack, the truth is that it’s safe to eat as long as you keep the package sealed for as long as possible. A properly stored and sealed pack of mac and cheese will last well past its expiration date.

Cooked Kraft Mac And Cheese

You can microwave mac and cheese, then it’s something different. But, if you cook it, it’s just like regular food once it’s done. It can be refrigerated if it’s not being consumed immediately or stored in the freezer for several days.

How Long Does Mac and Cheese Remain Good?

The expiry date on the mac and cheese packet comes as a warning. However, if the package is not opened and kept in a safe place, it can still be good past its expiration date.

How to store mac and cheese?

Cooked mac and cheese is different. It’s only good for so long if it is properly stored and handled.

You might not finish your mac and cheese if you indulge in it late at night. However, it can be refrigerated and eaten later, within two to three working days.

You can also freeze the cooked mac and cheese.

How to Store Mac and Cheese So It Doesn’t Expire?

You can store uncooked packs in your pantry just like other dry foods. You should keep it in a cool and dry place. The cooked macaroni and cheese needs special attention.

You need to seal mac and cheese in an airtight container either in the freezer or in the refrigerator.

Put your mac and cheese into an airtight container. Then, seal the lid tightly to keep it safe from moisture, air, or smells. It will stay edible for three days if it is kept in the freezer.

You can place the same airtight bowl in the freezer to prolong the shelf life of mac and cheese.

If the freezer temperature is constantly low, a properly sealed package of mac and cheese will keep fresh for up to two months.

The Expiration Date of Kraft Mac and Cheese

The expiration date of Kraft mac and cheese is:

  • Refrigerator: It can stay good for up to 3 days in a dry, cool place in an airtight container.
  • Freezer: A bowl of mac and cheese can be kept in a freezer at a constant low temperature for up to 2 months. However, these calculations are not reliable if you have power problems.

9 Signs That Your Mac and Cheese Has Gone Bad

The dry mac and cheese will not go bad as long as they are kept in airtight packaging. However, it can still expire prior to its expiration date if it is damaged, or if moisture and air enter the packaging. Here are signs that your mac and cheese is expired:

1) Stinky

There is nothing worse than awful smelling food. You just look at mac and cheese, and tell if it has gone bad. It has a distinctive bad smell.

Even if the mac and cheese does not smell bad, if the scent is slightly off, other food in your fridge might have contaminated it. Therefore, it is best to not use it if the mac or cheese smells bad or differently.

2) Mushy Macaroni

While it won’t cause any damage to the food, freezing and reheating can change the texture of mac and cheese. You may also reheat it on the stove, but it can dry out. It is also possible to reheat it in the oven to get better results. However, your macaroni may become too soft, and it may be due to moisture drying out.

3) Rancid cheese

The acrid smell and taste of cheese is a sign that the mac and cheese is bad to eat.

4) Bad taste

Reheated macaroni that does not taste as good as it should be, then it has definitely gone bad.

5) Discoloration

If you do not freeze mac and cheese in an airtight container, discoloration can occur. Other ingredients or temperature fluctuations can also affect the color of your mac and cheese.

This mac and cheese may taste different, not as fresh, when reheated. You should throw out anything that doesn’t look or tastes fresh.

6) Mold

This is especially true if you keep the mac and cheese bowl in your fridge for at least 3-4 days. Mold could end up in your fridge. It can be very unpleasant, and it should be thrown out as soon as possible. It can also contaminate other foods if it is left in the refrigerator.

7) Watery texture

The changes in consistency are normal for mac and cheese. Reheating can cause it to dry out. If it feels a little runny or watery, then it’s not worth reheating anymore. You better get rid of it.

8) Lumps

If the ingredients are not in the right order, and you find lumps in the dried macaroni, or in the cheese package, then the product has expired.

9) Moist Powdered Cheese

If the cheese inside the packet appears lumpy or moist, then it is likely that the packet is expired. It should be thrown away.

Can Mac And Cheese be Kept in the fridge?

This is the most frequently asked question about food. Is it possible to store food in the refrigerator and forget about it? If so, how long will it be good?

The short answer is no. It is impossible to store food in the refrigerator to keep it fresh for more than a week.

Yes, you can store it in the fridge to eat later in the day, the next day, or even the next day. However, you can only do this once.

You have a controlled low temperature in the refrigerator section. The temperature is probably around 42°F or less. However, it does not freeze the food. Although it will slow down the growth of bacteria in food, it will not stop them altogether.

Therefore, you may keep a mac and cheese bowl in the refrigerator for two to three days. But no longer than that. You can put them in the freezer if you don’t plan to use them within the next few days.

However, you can’t save your food if you just put the bowl in the freezer. You need to store it properly.

How to Properly Store Mac and Cheese in the Fridge?

First, place them in an airtight container. You should make sure to dry the bowl and clean it. Then, close the lid tightly. This applies to all food you place in your fridge. You should keep it closed and sealed. Otherwise, the smell could affect other foods in the fridge.

Can You Consume Expired Kraft Mac and Cheese?

Every pack of mac and cheese has a best before date. So, what happens if you have several packs of mac and cheese in your pantry that have gone over their expiration date?

Do I Need to Throw it All, or Are They Still Edible?

Your dried Kraft mac and cheese are safe to eat since there’s not much that may go bad. So, you can still eat them if the packaging conditions are good, and the packs are unopened.

As there is no rocket science, you can’t go wrong.

Dry macaroni is good for a long time, but you need to make sure to inspect the powder sachet. They are safe to eat if they don’t look old and lumpy. If the inside ingredients are fresh and good, then your kraft mac and cheddar is safe to eat.

What Happens If You Eat Expired Mac and Cheese?

Nothing would happen. It is safe to use if you have checked the ingredients for any signs of mold, lumps or a strong odor.

Therefore, you can eat expired mac and cheese that smells and tastes great, and nothing will happen.

Food poisoning isn’t possible as rancid food or unpalatable food isn’t consumable.

Anything sour or moldy is not edible. So, if you want to consume the pack after expiration, it needs to be in a good condition. Then, you won’t worry about getting contaminated.

Moreover, a properly stored sealed pack of mac and cheese may remain in good condition for up to two years.

You can still use the expired packets past its expiration date, but you should check to make sure it’s dry and fresh inside. It won’t taste bad if it is fresh and dry.


Who doesn’t have Kraft mac and cheese in their pantry? It is a popular American food, and many people indulge in it at odd hours. These ready-to-make packs are a great treat for busy people. You can heat the food in the oven, and you can enjoy it at any hour of the day or night.

Comfort food such as a pack of Kraft Mac and Cheese is one of the best choices you have. If you’ve bought a lot of stock and are unsure if they’re still edible, it can be confusing.

Don’t hesitate to get stocked up on stable-shelf food like mac and cheese since they have longer shelf lives than you might think.

You can also store cooked mac and cheese in a safe way to avoid spoilage. Keep it in the refrigerator or freezer in an airtight bag. Then, you can reheat it whenever you like. Packed mac and cheese is delicious, easy to make, and saves a lot of time making it from scratch.

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