Aperol Spritz Ideas: Quick Drinks You Should Try

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Aperol is an essential component of Italian aperitifs, and the sheer number of Aperol Spritz Ideas cocktail recipes that use it is mind-boggling. However, its popularity in the United States is nothing like that of its European counterpart.

Aperol’s brilliant orange hue comes from its three main ingredients: rhubarb, gentian, and cinchona. It has the sweetness and tang of orange juice spiked with vanilla, and the bite of strong spices.

Since Aperol has its own distinct flavor, Aperol drinks likewise have their own distinctive flavor that may range from bitter to sweet or acidic to sour. In any case, there is one certainty.

18 Aperol Spritz Ideas

You can expect a unique and pleasant drinking experience with each Aperol cocktail.

Aperol and gin cocktail

Quick and Easy Aperol Spritz Ideas Everyone Should Try

The orange flower cocktail is similar to this one, so if you like that one, you will probably like this one as well. The Aperol and gin give it a unique orange blossom taste. But you’ll spice it up with some lime juice, simple syrup, and soda water for a fizzy, tangy drink.

An Aperol and grapefruit soda

The Aperol grapefruit drink is a good alternative if you like bittersweet and herbal flavors. It has a nice taste (from the Prosecco and tonic water) and is wonderful to look at. The grapefruit juice is the dominant flavor in this cocktail, with the thyme sprig adding subtle undertones that may be brought out by muddling.

Paper Plane Cocktail

          Quick and Easy Aperol Spritz Ideas Everyone Should Try

After dinner, a glass of paper plane cocktail is just what the doctor ordered. It’s simple to whip up and has a refreshingly subtle flavor thanks to its gentle ingredients.

Pineapple Aperol Cocktail

As compared to the classic Aperol spritz, this drink has a more tropical flavor and is significantly sweeter. A sparkling peach-orange hue and a flavor profile strong on pineapple and oranges characterize this beverage. It takes just five minutes and four ingredients to prepare, but don’t leave off the pineapple slice! It improves the presentation and imparts a delicious flavor.

Ten Spot Cocktail

This beautiful reddish-pink beverage gets its delicious sweetness and some bitterness from grapefruit juice. It’s sweeter than the aforementioned Aperol grapefruit drink due to the addition of lime juice, which also gives it a zingy, refreshing flavor.

The Aperol Cosmopolitan

The fact that it doesn’t appear (or taste) like a classic Cosmo doesn’t make it any less delicious. The citrusy undertones and vodka give this drink a lively, zesty flavor. It’s a stunningly vibrant orange that contrasts well with the lime peel’s green garnish.

Aperol Spritz

The vibrant yellow color of the Aperol spritz has been described as “sunshine in a glass.” This drink is delicious and light, but it won’t do anything to your blood alcohol level.

Aperol and Prosecco are all you need for the classic version of this cocktail. Although, it does improve in flavor when served over ice, and garnishes make everything look more appetizing.

A mixture of Aperol and Orange Juice

You’ll love this easy cocktail if you like pulpy orange juice with a harsh aftertaste. Although it lacks the extreme sourness to cause watery eyes, it does have a noticeable bitterness. If you give it a try and find the ginger to be too harsh, try using less of it or leaving it out altogether.

Summer Thyme Screwdriver

The best I can say about this concoction is that it tastes like lemon-flavored orange juice that’s been spiked with vodka and has had half the spice cabinet tossed in for good measure. It may not seem very appealing when I say it that way, but trust me; it is quite tasty and very revitalizing.

The Confident Man

An alternative to the classic Paloma, the Confident Man substitutes vodka for tequila and adds Aperol for a bittersweet kick. This is not the cocktail for you if you want sugary, fruity beverages, but if you appreciate drinks that leave a bitter aftertaste and make one corner of your mouth curl up, give it a try.

El Chipilo Cocktail

Quick and Easy Aperol Spritz Ideas Everyone Should Try

The margarita and Aperol spritz come together in this somewhat fiery hybrid drink. Has a little amount of spice and a tangy, orangey taste. No, this cocktail isn’t for everyone, but if you like spicy drinks or margaritas with a kick, you’ll definitely appreciate it.

Summertime Manhattan 

Although I don’t think this Aperol Spritz ideas cocktail has anything in common with a traditional Manhattan, I’m going to go ahead and call it a summer Manhattan since that’s what the recipe names it. It’s more sugary than sour, and its unusual, almost Coca-Cola-like tint makes it hard to notice. Yet, despite its modest sweetness, this drink packs quite a punch. If you’re interested in this kind of stuff, you should try it.

Halloween Spritz 

It looks like Halloween in a glass and has the flavor and aroma of a bittersweet, acidic orange fruit punch. Yep. There is no doubt in my mind that I am on board with the Halloween spritz.

Aperol Margarita 

The Aperol margarita is the offspring of the Aperol spritz and a classic margarita. It has a refreshingly tart citrus flavor and a chillingly low temperature. This is the drink to have on a hot day if you want to chill down and feel refreshed. Simply put, it’s Aperol that’s been diluted and sweetened. If you like the orange taste of the aperitif but can’t get beyond the herbal bitterness, this beverage is for you.

Aperol Americano 

Two minutes and an Aperol, sweet vermouth, club soda, and orange peel are all you need to prepare this delicious drink. Despite the sweet vermouth, this cocktail is on the drier side, but it’s still refreshing on a warm summer day.

A Blush or Rhubarb 

Though I was in the minority when my friends and I decided to give it a try, I’ve come to really like this slightly dry, pink mixed drink. It has the delicious sweet and sour taste often associated with sour candies, while some may find the subtle herb flavor to be off-putting at first. Alternatively, I was an immediate proponent of this method. If you’re looking for something refreshing that isn’t too sugary, this is the drink for you.

Pomegranate Tangerine Aperol Spritz

This refreshing cocktail calls for only four ingredients: Aperol, Prosecco, tangerine La Croix (or soda water), and pomegranate juice. If you can get your hands on some La Croix, do; it’s a wonderful addition to any party since it’s bright, fizzy, fruity, and entertaining. The tangerine taste complements the other fruit flavors well.

Aperol Spritz Ideas Conclusion

We hope that after you read this guide you’ll consult it often when you want to make an Aperol cocktail. However, please note that this is a guide only. The Aperol Spritz Ideas here should not be taken as exact recipes. Cocktail making is an art, not a science. Feel free to experiment with the measurements and ingredients to create a drink that you like even more.

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