Top Substitutes For Almond Butter That Work

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It doesn’t matter if it’s the holiday season or not, having a healthy and properly balanced diet is important. However, it is possible to look amazing while enjoying your favorite foods.

Why Almond Butter?

Almond butter is an excellent choice for health lovers, not only because of its health benefits but also because it’s delicious.

But if you are not a fan of almond butter or if almond butter is not available, there are many alternatives. It can be substituted with peanut butter, cashew butter, walnut butter, mashed banana, mashed avocado, Greek yoghurt or unsalted butter.

These almond butter substitutes won’t disappoint. Read more about them:

Best Almond Butter Substitutes

1. Peanut butter

Peanut butter is the simplest and most easily available substitute. Almond butter may not be available in all areas. You might even have to go to a speciality shop. But peanut butter is an excellent substitute if there are no other options.

This nut-based butter can be eaten with toast, a topping on classic oatmeal, or an ingredient in baking dishes. Besides, almond butter and peanut butter have the same properties so it is an easy to substitute choice. Simply choose your favorite brand.

2. Cashew Butter

Cashew butter can also be used as an alternative to almond butter. It is also a nut-based butter, so it retains most of the almond butter’s properties. This option is great if peanut butter and almond butter are not available, or you just don’t like them. The texture, aroma, or taste are not much different.

In comparison to peanut butter, cashew butter has a higher amount of monounsaturated fat. This is a healthy fat that your body needs. However, it does contain less protein than almonds or peanut butter. And depending on which brand you choose, some may be more creamy.

3. Walnut Butter

Nut-based butter seems to be a constant supply! Next substitute to consider is walnut butter. Walnut butter, like all other varieties of nut butters, has seen a rise in popularity due to its numerous health benefits. Actually, it is often used in vegan recipes as an ingredient.

Walnut butter is the best choice for health-conscious people because it contains the highest amount of omega fatty acid out of all nut butter varieties. Its profile is also similar to the other options, so using walnut butter instead of almond butter won’t make a big difference.

4. Mashed Avocado

If you don’t like nuts or are allergic to them, you don’t have to worry! Although it might seem strange, mashed avocado is actually an excellent substitute. Instead of toast being topped with peanut butter for breakfast, try mashed avocado. It’s delicious and it’s healthy.

You can also use this ingredient to make baked dishes that don’t require butter. Avocado’s natural fats are lower in calories, but have a higher amount of healthy fats. Also, avocado is surprising in its ability to give baked dishes a fluffy texture. This is why vegan recipes often include it.

5. Mashed Banana

Bananas are another option if an avocado isn’t your thing. When baking, bananas are just as effective as almond butter. Moreover, if you are vegan or on a gluten-free diet, you can use it as a substitute to butter. Bananas can be found all year round, anywhere in the world. Finding them shouldn’t be difficult!

It doesn’t matter what banana you prefer, just make sure it is ripe enough. However it’s a good idea to use a soft and sweet banana to create the mash and to mix with other ingredients. And when substituting, follow the 1:1 ratio.

6. Greek Yogurt

Greek yoghurt is the perfect option if you want creamy goodness with healthy vitamins and minerals. However, it is not vegan-friendly because it is still an animal product. Enjoy Greek yoghurt when you want to eat sweet treats but with lower calories and fat.

You can substitute 1 1/2 tablespoons of Greek yoghurt for every tablespoon of almond butter. And choose plain or regular yoghurt to avoid clashing with other flavors. But you can use flavored yoghurt if you prefer, just make sure it is compatible with the recipe. For example, when making lemon cakes, consider using Greek yoghurt with lemon flavor.

7. Unsalted Butter

You don’t have to rush to the supermarket if your choices are limited. Unsalted butter will work just fine. It helps that butter has been a key ingredient in baked dishes for centuries, so it is always a good choice. To make it healthier, you can find vegan-friendly unsalted butter that is low in fat.

You will need to use the same 1:1 ratio for this substitution. It will make sure that your baked dishes remain soft, moist and fluffy. Butter is great for that.

Tip: You won’t get the same taste and aroma if you use non-nut-based substitutes. But you can always make your almond butter at home if you like a nutty flavor in your dishes. To get the creamy goodness you desire, there are a lot of online recipes that you can use.

FAQs On Almond Butter Substitutes:

Is almond butter and almond spread alike?

No. Both are made of almonds, but almond spread is sweetened with sugar while almond butter is pure almonds.

Is almond butter more nutritious than peanut butter?

It is just slightly. Almond butter contains a bit more vitamins, minerals, and fiber than peanut butter. But both are still healthy and can be a part of your daily food intake.

Is almond butter expensive?

It is more expensive than other varieties of nut butter, depending on which brand. It is because almond butter making is a time-consuming and expensive process.

Is it necessary to refrigerate almond-butter?

To find out how to store the package once it has been opened, read the packet. Some almond butter and other nut-based butters don’t need to be refrigerated. However, if the one you have has less sugar or other preservatives, it must be refrigerated immediately after opening. Remember that food in its purest form will quickly go bad if left at room temperature.

It’s not hard to see why almond butter is so popular. It is delicious, nutritious and easy to use in all kinds of dishes. Although, it’s okay to substitute when the recipe requires.

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