Stock Pot vs Soup Pot: What’s The Difference?

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You are not the only one who has ever wondered what the differences between a soup and stockpot are. This cookware is not only similar in size and shape, but you can also use them interchangeably. In this article, you will read about the comparison between these pieces of cookware in order to help you answer your question.

Main Differences Between A Stockpot vs Soup Pot

There are a few key differences between stock pots and soup pots, such as:

  • Stockpots are taller and have narrow sides created to hold sizable volumes of liquid. On the other hand, soup pots are shorter and have widened sides created to hold dense ingredients.
  • Stockpots are made with thin bottoms, such as stainless steel, copper, or aluminum. These conduct heat efficiently and evenly, promoting a quick boil. Meanwhile, soup pots are designed with heavy-duty bases, such as tri-ply stainless/aluminum bases. This allows the bottom of the pot to retain heat while preventing burning during slow simmers.
  • Stock pots have grip-able, double handles which are easy to use for pouring and lifting. While soup pots typically have one long-extended handle.

You now know the difference between soup and stockpots. Keep reading to find out how to use each type. In addition, if you don’t have a stockpot in your kitchen, this article discusses several alternatives.

What Is The Difference Between A Dutch Oven And A Stock Pot?

A Dutch oven is sometimes referred to as a stockpot. Although the heavy-duty Dutch oven is also a versatile piece of cookware, it does have some notable differences from a stockpot such as:

  • Size and shape: Dutch ovens are designed with short sides and a variety of forms, like oval, circular, or rectangular.
  • Material: Dutch ovens are heavy since they are made from either cast iron (seasoned or enameled), or enameled ceramic. Although this cookware heats slowly, it maintains an even temperature throughout the dish.
  • Oven Safe: Dutch oven can be used to bake, broil, and roast.
  • Cost: Dutch ovens are usually more expensive than stockpots

Dutch Oven Size

Dutch ovens have different sizes available, ranging from 1.5-quarts to 13-quarts. The Dutch oven can also be used on either the stovetop or oven, making it an excellent option for one-pot meals. Additionally, you can make it a vibrant addition to your kitchen with colors like this Caribbean Blue.

What Can I Use Instead Of A Stock Pot?

However, don’t panic if you don’t have a stockpot! You might already have cookware in your kitchen that you could use as a substitute. These pots can be used as a substitute for a stockpot next time you need one:

  • Dutch oven
  • Soup pot
  • Large saucepan

Can You Use A Stock Pot To Make Soup?

A stock pot is a great choice of cookware for making soup. It is designed to make broth from vegetables or bones, which is the basis of most soups. The stock pot is a traditional soup vessel because it allows for a quick boil with large quantities of liquid. It is also ideal since it can hold whole vegetables, large beef bones, and whole poultry.

Making Thick Soups

However, keep an eye on the soup and stir occasionally, especially if you are making thick soups. The thin base of the stock pot can quickly burn the ingredients at the bottom.

A small 4-quart stockpot is perfect for soups. This pot can serve 6 to 8, 1-cup soups. Therefore, it is ideal for large families or dinner guests.

An 8-quart stock pot is ideal for large batches of soups, as well as making vegetable or bone stocks.

What Can I Use A Stock Pot For?

Stock pots are not only versatile, but also come in different sizes from 4-quarts up to 30-quarts. Stock pots also make a great addition for any kitchen since they can be used to make your favorite dishes using many cooking methods. A stock pot placed on a stovetop can make:

  • bone or vegetable broth, or stock.
  • Slow-cooked foods
  • Steamed foods
  • Boiling foods
  • Preserved food

Stock pots can be used to cook many delicious dishes, including tomato sauce, chicken and dumplings, curry, spaghetti, gumbo, risotto, and more.

What Can I Use A Soup Pot For?

A soup pot can be used interchangeably with a stockpot, so you don’t need to have both. You can also cook soup, stew, chili, pastas, curry, steamed vegetables, rice, and many other dishes with the right-sized soup pot.

A 4-quart soup pot is convenient to have in your kitchen. It can be used for soups, and side dishes such as rice, pasta, or steamed vegetables.

Meanwhile, a 6-quart soup pot is ideal for making chili, curry, and stew, especially if you are serving the whole family.


Selecting cookware can be difficult, especially when there are a variety of similar-looking pots. However, you are now familiar with the differences between a soup pot and a stockpot. So, it will be easier to choose the right pot for your kitchen.

Keep in mind that stock pots and soup pots can be used interchangeably. So, if there is not much storage space in your kitchen, you can choose one to suit your cooking style and a variety of recipes.

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