How to Clean a Wok

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How to clean a wok and learning to care for it is crucial before you start cooking. Otherwise, you might damage it, and it won’t last as long as you want. You might be eager to cook in your new work as soon as you get home, but before you do that, read first here our tips and advise on caring for your wok. 

How to Clean a Carbon Steel Wok

You should carefully remove the thin coating on the surface of a new wok before you start cooking in it. Wash the wok gently with a stainless steel scrubber from the inside and outside is the best way to remove the coating. However, ensure that you use the correct scrubber because you may end up scratching your pan.

Submerge the wok in a sink filled with hot soapy water, then gently scrub the whole surface using your wok scrubber. Take your time, and make sure you cover all areas of the new wok. After doing those, you can take it out of the water and rinse it with hot, clean tap water. Then, place it on your stove.

Before you season your wok, dry it with gentle heat.

Now, your wok is ready to be seasoned, which is an essential step in wok care. If you omit this step, you may notice that your food sticks to the wok’s surface. It can make cooking challenging and even more challenging to clean. Also, unseasoned woks are more susceptible to rust.

You can cook delicious meals for your family and friends without worrying about damage or degradation. However, if you do it right in the first place, your wok will last for many years. It takes some time and effort to season a wok.

It can be tempting to soak your wok in water, but it is best to gently clean up any food particles accumulated and stuck during cooking as soon as possible. You don’t want your wok to be scratched. You can scrub it with a metal scrubber. However, if it’s of carbon steel material, you don’t need to be too gentle with it when cleaning.

Moreover, you can use a bit of soap. The necessary procedure, however, is to dry it well after washing it properly. If you do this, you are seasoning your wok each time you use it.

You don’t need to dry your pan with a dishcloth as this could leave a residue. Instead, place the pan back on the stove and let it dry over low heat. By doing this, it preserves the protective layers resulting from seasoning.

What to Avoid When Cleaning Your Wok

  • Put the wok in the dishwasher.
  • Use a gentle or non-abrasive brush or cloth.
  • You can gently rub off the rust spots that you see, then repeat the seasoning process.

Properly cleaning your carbon steel wok will ensure it lasts longer no matter how much you use it. If you are paying proper attention when carefully cleaning your work, your wok will retain its excellent condition, and it will be ready and waiting for when you need to use it!

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