The Best Grills with Removable Plates: Easy & Hassle-Free Clean-ups

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Last Updated on March 25, 2024 by Share My Kitchen

Love grilling but hate spending hours cleaning up those pesky crumbs? I feel you, dear! The latter is definitely no fun at all. That greasy and burned debris is not an easy task to clean. It usually takes a little bit more time, patience, and tons of elbow grease to scrub them off your grill pans. Thank heavens there are grills with removable plates designed to make our lives easier! 

So, why are they exactly better? 

Well, having removable plates means it is a whole more convenient to clean. You can simply pull them out of the griller, soak them in a cleaning solution, and wait for the debris to soften out. Better yet, you can directly pop them in the dishwasher, and voila, it’s fresh and clean in just a few minutes. 

Faster and easier, right?

Yup, that’s what I thought so too! So, let me share with you five of the best indoor grillers with removable plates that I have recently discovered. They are super effortless to cook with and hassle-free to clean as well.

What to look for when buying grills with removable plates?

Material and construction

Consider a grill that is durable, non-corrosive, and has excellent heat conductivity. Stainless steel grill material is a great example of such properties. It will also be a great advantage if you find one with a non-stick cooking surface. However, make sure that the coating is safe and non-toxic. 

Grill size

How small or big the grilling surface is will essentially depend on how much food you want to cook. Of course, the larger the amount, the better it is for you to opt for a grill with a bigger capacity. You can save time, cost, and energy by grilling more simultaneously. 

Temperature settings

Adjustable temperature control is one of the most important factors to look into when buying a grill. Having the ability to manipulate the heat allows you to cook at your preferred pace. Meanwhile, some models offer pre-set program features. These automated settings pre-determine the cooking temperature and duration depending on specific types of dishes. 


Some grill pan models are designed to serve different cooking methods. Aside from grilling griddles, there are also those that come with a panini press. The versatility in options further maximizes the usage of your device. 

Power source

Indoor grills can either be gas or electric-powered. For gas, you need to have a supply of propane to heat it up. This type is more economical to use depending on your location. It is also versatile as you can use it for indoor and outdoor grilling. 

Meanwhile, the electric grill requires access to a power outlet to operate. The cord length is also another thing worth noting. The longer the cord, the farther you can set up your grill. The great thing about the electric models is that they are much easier to use and heat up quicker.

Our Top 5 Picks for the Best Grills with Removable Plates


CUISINART GR-4NP1 5-IN-1 grills with removable plates

This multi-function Cuisinart grill features five separate cooking options. It has a contact grill, a panini press, a full grill, a full griddle, or a half-and-half grill/griddle function. By simply switching plates, you can do all sorts of cooking in just a single device. Just amazing!

But what’s even more likable about this grill is that it comes with pop-out plates that are removable, reversible, and BPA-free too. Think your plate is already greasy, flip it to the other side, and viola, you have another clean cooking surface ready to be used. No worries, these plates are totally dishwasher-safe, so clean-ups are hassle-free every time. 

To amp up the convenience further, this grill is built-in with control knobs. This allows you to set the temperature and select the specific cooking function you wish to use. Pre-set, adjust, and you are a few minutes away from enjoying awesome food.


george foreman grills with removable plates

This George Foreman grill is a big winner in the budget category. With a price point of less than $30, you get a reliable griller and a panini press that can well serve a family of four. So, it is not just a good value for money but also very versatile. 

Speaking of saving, this grill heats up 35% faster than other models. Thanks to its newly improved heating element, it pre-heats quickly and thus saves you time, energy, and cost. 

Aside from its efficiency, this grill actually promises a healthier cooking experience. The removable plates are lined with an advanced non-stick coating. Furthermore, it has a sloped grilling surface which allows up to 42% of excess fat to drip off the food. 

Lastly, I love that it is cleverly built with an adjustable 1-inch hinge. This enables the top lip to accommodate different food thicknesses. Be it a double-deck burger or a thick slab of steak, the George Foreman grills with removable plates can surely cook it the right way. 


Hamilton Beach grills with removable plates

You can surely bring your favorite outdoor flavors with this electric indoor searing grill by Hamilton Beach. It features an adjustable temperature setting that can control the heat from 200°F up to a high-searing temperature of 450°F. Thus, enabling your meat to best retain its juiciness and natural flavor. 

The grill features ceramic non-stick grills with removable plates and a capacity that can easily serve up to six people. I also love that this grill comes with an extra large drip tray to cover all possible messiness. Not to mention, both the plate and the tray are dishwasher-safe.

The window view of the lid cover is another unique design worth noting. I like that the company made it more convenient to see how things are cooking without lifting the lid. Effortless, right?


This Elite Gourmet smokeless grill is your perfect companion for those Korean BBQ nights. You can grill any meats and vegetables right on your dining table. No wood, charcoal, or gas is required. Simply plug it in, and you are all set for a fun feast.

It has a non-stick coating that is absolutely free from harmful toxins like PFOA. The 12×10 cooking surface is ideal for serving up to five persons. While cooking, the handle and the base remain cool to the touch. Thus, a more secure grip minus the risk of accidental burns. 

Unlike other products, this grill has removable plates from top to bottom. Yup, you read it right! Aside from the grill plate, the drip tray, the base, and even the thermostat control mechanism can be fully detached. Hence, cleaning up is super fast and fuzz-free.


Okay, this might be the most expensive out of the bunch. But, this model by far offers the most advanced features. It has automatic sensors that promise to deliver more precise grilling technology. It features nine auto-cooking programs pre-set to cater to every kind of meat. In addition to the usual lights, this grill also has built-in beeps that let you know when the meat is rare, medium, or well done. So, even if the grill is out of sight, you know exactly the status of your grill.

By the name itself, the OptiGrill XL is designed to cook larger batches of food. With its almost 19-inch wide cooking surface, the capacity can easily serve 6 to 8 persons. Big servings, yet a healthier one too. The grill plate is intentionally positioned at a 7-degree angle. This slight tilting allows the excess fat from the food to slide down into the drip plate. 

So yes, this T-Fal griller is expensive. But the full-packed features, extra large size, and premium quality grilling make it worth the price.

How to maintain grills with removable plates?

Allow it completely cool.

Every after-use, it is a best practice to allow the grill to completely cool down first before proceeding with the cleaning. Aside from avoiding burns, you also want to prevent your cookware from getting a thermal shock. Thermal shock is essentially a process wherein the metallic material experiences rapid shifts in temperatures.

Metals like stainless steel and aluminum naturally expand when they are heated. So, when you pour cold water, the material will abruptly contract in response to the sudden changes in temperature. In effect, the stress will cause the grill plate to warp, crack, chip, or shatter. 

Take care of the drip tray first.

Before cleaning any other grill parts, I highly suggest taking care of the drip tray first. Just imagine how much oil and debris this component has collected during your cooking session. If not removed earlier, the grease can leak out, spread, and make it even messier and harder to clean. 

Thoroughly but gently wash the grill plates.

The beauty of removable grill plates is that they are much easier to clean. You can hand wash or put them directly into your dishwasher, if applicable. 

For stubborn residues, make sure to remove them thoroughly to prevent build-up and contamination. However, make sure not to apply too much pressure when scrubbing down your plates. It can permanently damage the cooking surface and peel off the non-stick coating. 

To be safe, you can let the heavily-soiled grill plates soak first in warm soapy water. This will give time for the debris and grease to soften and lift off from the surface. Again, the soaking method only applies to “removable” grill plates. Grills with “built-in” plates are not advisable to be submerged in water.

Wipe down the rest of the grill.

For those “unwashable” grill parts, make sure to wipe them down clean. Since you can’t wash it with water, I suggest you do a double or triple wiping method instead. You first wipe it with a dry kitchen towel to absorb most of the grease and loosen the debris. Follow it up with a clean damp cloth to further clean the components. And lastly, wipe it again with a clean, dry towel to remove the excess moisture.

See to it to always wipe clean your grill after each use. This will likely prevent dirt build-up and, of course, keep it hygienic.

Leave no trace behind.

Rinse off your removable grill plates with water thoroughly. Make sure no soap suds are left behind. Washing them off means you are also flushing the food residue and the potential bacteria from it. More so, you don’t want your next cookout to awfully taste like soap, right?

Dry it well before storing it.

Nothing is more perfect for bacterial growth than a moist and dark environment. Yup, don’t let your grill become a petri dish for bacteria. After washing or cleaning, wipe off the excess moisture or let it air dry before setting it aside for storage. 


Indoor grilling is much more fun and enjoyable when you have grills with removable plates. It enables you to replace or switch cooking surfaces when grilling different dishes. Something that is not likely possible when the plates are already built into the grill. 

Moreover, clean-up is definitely less of a hassle. You can thoroughly wash the grill plates to ensure everything is squeaky clean and ready for the next cookout.

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