A Guide to Keeping Your Home Clean 

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Last Updated on December 11, 2023 by Share My Kitchen

Keeping your home clean can feel like one of those never-ending tasks. As soon as you have finished the dishes, the carpets need hoovering again. Look away for one second, and the plates are piled high again.

It can be a real drain to keep on top of these chores, but there are ways in which you can make your home a little easier to manage.

Here is a guide on how you can keep your home as clean as possible and some changes you can make to make your life just that little bit easier.

Let’s get into it.

Get Rid of ‘Stuff’ 

Plenty of people are guilty of having so many personal belongings and accumulative stuff knocking around the house. It can easily grow over time, especially if you have children!

If you are finding your home difficult to keep on top of, then the first step that will benefit you is getting rid of everything you don’t need. This can sometimes be difficult for those who have more stuff they want to keep than they have space for, so be kind to yourself while being honest about what you want to hold on to. 

If you find there are lots of things you want to keep hold of, the next best thing is to come up with a strategy and storage options to keep everything tidy and out of the way.

Choose Wipeable Surfaces 

If you have ever tried getting jam out of a carpet that has been lovingly fed by your toddler, or you can’t see your chosen floor for its own carpet of dog hair, you will have most likely become immediately acquainted with the idea of getting rid of carpets altogether. While carpets can be plush, comfortable, and warm, they can also be extremely difficult to keep clean and looking good. This is where a more forgiving floor could be the solution to your problems. 

Choose stunning tiles that you can mop up in an instant for a stylish look that is easily maintained. Just visit Quorn Stone for natural stone tiles and choose from their excellent selection.

Daily Habits Help with Maintenance

Instead of leaving everything to build up and up until you are forced to face the mess, if you are able to, implementing daily habits to keep on top of cleaning and tasks can make things feel much more manageable. Some people prefer to do a big clean each week, but you might find this can be overwhelming, especially if something crops up that you weren’t expecting and the chores keep piling up.

If you can, put together a daily habit routine for cleaning that can help you keep your home in order as much as possible with minimal effort. After all, it is much easier to quickly run the hoover around once every couple of days than it is to try and tackle the carpet after a whole week’s worth of build up.

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