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Cooking Healthier with Wine

Cooking with wine

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Wine has always been associated with good food to complement the dining experience. Cooking with wine, however, always brings about a certain amount of apprehension for most homemakers. The mere thought of dousing anything with alcohol goes against the grain for any self respecting mom who’s trying to feed her kids. But of

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Umami – the fifth taste

Umami rich foods

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Lately, I often catch myself analyzing what I eat and what I cook, and in general the food that I come across. The question for me always is why some food combinations and dishes are great tasting and true in flavour, timeless and memorable, and others could be so bland that

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Haybox Cooker

Modern hay box cooker

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Modern hay box cooker Photo source: www.theinnovationdiaries.com

We’ve heard only recently about the thing called a “hay box cooking” and the idea hooked us instantly. The concept of the box cooker is so simple and commonsensical that when I think about it I start wondering why I haven’t come up with the

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Discover the joys of herb gardening

Thracian Clifs herb garden

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Thracian Clifs herb garden

Herbs are the most wonderful collection of plants, because not only do they smell divine, look good, and do you good, but they can transform a dish into a feast. Herb gardening has become popular recently because it’s satisfying to grow flavourful plants and to use them in

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Beatiful food photography – using dark backgrounds

Source: inspirationhut.net

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Food has always played a significant role in my life and the way food is presented has a big influence on me. Again, always!

I can’t stop admiring all the talented people out there, who create beautiful food photography. Here is a little peek at some of my favourite food photos I have

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