Lanterna Tuscan Bistro


The Lanterna Tuscan Bistro serves various Italian dishes that will suit your impeccable taste in food. Their customer service is top-notch. They promptly cater to your needs and very approachable. Moreover, they can also organize a pre-fixed, pre-theater dinner menu for your looking for only $32.00. What are you waiting for? Try now various Italian dishes from Lanterna Tuscan Bistro. 

Their lunch Menu includes Insalata Gustosa, Cestino di Parmagiano, Insalata Campagnola, Polpettine di Granchio, Insalata Di Fattoria and Quattro Stagioni. Price range for their foods are between 12.95 $ to $17.95. 

If you’re a brunch person, don’t miss out on their best-selling Frittata con Zucchini e Speck, Crespelle con Frutta Fresca, Frittata Rustica, and Crespelle con Mirtilli. They also serve various juices and appetizers. 

The Lanterna Tuscan Bistro’s  menu offers wide selection for dinner, including Misticanza Selvatica, Cestino di Parmigiano, Calamari alla Griglia, Antipasto Misto, Gamberi con Cannellini, and Fagotto con Funghi. You can buy it from $9.95 to 32$. 

Lanterna Tuscan Bistro has also established its own store as well. You can purchase Chef Rossano Giannini’s book, “Cooking with Olive Oil,” there. The book contains various cooking techniques from award-winning chefs and inventive recipes you can try for yourself. Moreover, it’s signed by yours truly, and it costs $26.00 plus tax (8% tax, NY residents only). The shipping fee costs $4.00 for 1 book and $2.50 for each additional book (U.S. Domestic only).

They also sell their very own signature 100% Organic, Extra Virgin, Cold-Pressed Olive Oil. This olive oil is perfect for dipping or drizzling on your fresh salad. It’s also dubbed an award-winning olive oil because of its healthy and flavorful ingredients. It costs $18.00 per bottle, $96.00 per case, and the shipping fee costs $12.00 plus tax(8%Z tax, NY residents only). Lanterna Tuscan Bistro also offers gift cards in various amounts starting from $25.00, $50.00, $75.00, and $100.00. This gift card is perfect for any present you can give to your friends, colleagues, and families. What’s good with their gift card is it works just like a credit card and can be refilled.

Cooking Classes & Wine Tasting

Chef Rossano Giannini is the one facilitating the culinary class the Lanterna Tuscan Bistro offers. He prepares a fantastic 4-course gourmet meal for his students to learn, and after that, they will eat it with an additional wine tasting! Well, isn’t that wonderful? You can reserve your spot by calling 845-353-8361. It costs $75.00 per person every Tuesday. It seems expensive to you? Oh no, don’t worry. The fee is worth every penny because you’ll get to have a cooking class demonstration with our own Chef Rossano Giannini, wine tasting, and a 4-course meal.

The Chef Behind Lanterna Tuscan Bistro’s Sumptuous Food 

Chef Rossano Giannini is the owner and executive chef of Lanterna Tuscan Bistro. He was born in Lucca, Italy, and studied at the F. Martini Culinary Institute in Montecatini Terme. He has worked as a chef in some of New York’s most prestigious Italian restaurants. He’s also the founder of the American Federation of Italian Chefs. Chef Giannini and his wife Maureen started their own restaurant, Lanterna Tuscan Bistro, in April 2000. Lanterna is a small community on the Hudson River in Nyack, New York. Chef Giannini provides dishes representing his culinary expertise and Tuscan roots in this authentic Tuscan Bistro. In just a few months, Chef Giannini has already built a loyal following of customers who praise Lanterna for its unique cuisine, authentic Italian wines, and comfortable bistro environment. 

Lanterna serves a wide range of fresh pasta, fish and meat meals, and handcrafted sweets. Chef Giannini’s “Culinary Events,” which feature cooking demonstrations, four-course meals, and wine tastings, have garnered widespread interest and acclaim in Rockland County and the neighboring areas, are held at Lanterna.

What Do People Say about Lanterna Tuscan Bistro? 

Most restaurant-goers look for reviews before dining at a restaurant.  Worried that they’ll serve you an inadequate and unsatisfactory dish? Well, worry no more! Lanterna Tuscan Bistro’s customers left some honest food comments and reviews regarding their fine dining. Rest assured, you’ll not be surprised, they loved dining at Lanterna Tuscan Bistro. Still not enough to convince you? Well, take a look at their transparent and detailed feedback: 

“Chef Giannini has been around, and he knows what he is doing…honest, dependable, Tuscan cooking, well-executed…” David Corcoran New York Times 

“Fantastic rustic dishes” with “really big” “complex flavors” emerge from the kitchen at this “Tiny” “Soho”-style Nyak Northern Italian, were “terrific,” “Hands-on chef-owner” Rossano Giannini and his “well-trained staff” have “a gift for making people welcome.” “If you want to feel fabulous, this is your place.” Zagat Survey

“Lanterna shines an unfiltered light on the popular cuisine of Tuscany, offering a well-executed primer on the soul of true Northern Italian cuisine. Chef Rossano Giannini folds the sun, the blue sky, Mediterranean waves and the mountain air into his delicious dishes.” (Full Review) Dennis Chansky The Journal News 

“Thank you Chef Rossano Giannini, if it were not for great chefs and restauranteurs like you the American palate would never have the privilege of knowing the true tastes of Italy.” Roberto Donna “Great Italians at the James Beard House” 

“Giannini’s food has a lot of modern Italian style. He’s got this way of sticking to genuine ingredients but making them into something very imaginative.” Julia Della Croce Food and Wine Magazine

“Lanterna, a lovely, intimate bistro, serving Tuscan, northern Italian food. White walls, gently circulating overhead fans, and hardwood floors create a mood that is both relaxing and charming.” Myna German-Schleifer Spotlight Magazine 

“Lanterna left us thrilled to have made a new discovery right under our noses. We now know where to take our visitors when they come from out of town.” Julia Prudence Women’s News 

“Lanterna is a fine place to stop for lunch or dinner.” William Fields Our Town 

“From his delightful bistro, the hands-on Chef Giannini serves a portion of Italy to all who enter. Each meal is a work of art – and so is the setting. Surrounded by family pictures and landscapes of Lucca, it’s easy to imagine that one is dining among family and friends, al fresco, beneath the blue Italian sky.” (Full Review) PR Web

How To Make A Reservation at Lanterna Tuscan Bistro? 

Lanterna Tuscan Bistro can offer you their various menu dishes or lunch and dinner seven days a week. They are located at 3 South Broadway, Nyack, NY 10960. They are open from Monday to Tuesday, 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM; Friday and Saturday, 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM; and Sunday, 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM. You can also secure a reservation online or call 845-353-8361. Lanterna Tuscan Bistro is more than just a restaurant; they are also open for cooking classes on Tuesdays and can still serve you their star dishes.