How Long Are Jello Shots Good For?

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A party for adults should not be held without Jello shots. A party is not complete if no joyous, jiggly booze is passed around. Let’s be honest; Jello makes you feel like a child again. Alcohol, however, helps you deal with adulthood. Even though they can be great, they can end up in a sticky spot if you make them too quickly or have too many. So, what is the shelf life of Jello shots?

The answer to your question is right here.

What’s a Jello Shot?

First, knowing what Jello shots are is essential for you to use the wisdom from this article to your benefit.

A Jello shot is exactly what it sounds like: a small amount of flavored gelatin, water, and alcohol (tequila, vodka, rum Fireball, or any alcohol of your choosing). There are also Jello shots that are just unflavored gelatin and just filled with a lot of alcohol, like Sugar Cookie Jello Shots. Moreover, Jello shots are usually served in small shot glasses or disposable condiment cups.

Although they are often associated with college parties and events, there is a history to the boozy treat that dates back to 1867.

How Long Do Jello Shots Set?

Jello shots are usually set in a matter of hours, then they are ready to be consumed. They take about 2 to 4 hours to completely set after you have mixed everything.

It is tempting to put the Jello into the freezer to speed up the process. However, it is better to keep it in the refrigerator.

You’ll understand why in a moment.

What Is the Shelf Life of Jello Shots?

Many people believe that Jello shots have the same absurdly long shelf life as packaged Jello. A package of Jello powder can last months or years over its expiration date if it is stored in a cool, dry place. However, it should be consumed within three months of opening it.

However, you limit the time Jello is good for when you make it. Regardless of whether it’s a Jello dessert or a Jello shot, it should be consumed as soon as possible. So, you might be wondering how long they can last in the fridge. To be precise, it can last 7-10 days. However, even with alcohol added, the gelatin’s flavors will continue to deteriorate until it is gone within 8-9 days.

Therefore, make sure you serve them within a couple of days if you are planning to have a fun party. Otherwise, the Jello may become rancid or tasteless. This is more important to take note of if the Jello shots have fruit added to them. You will need to consume them within three days if you add fruit or fruit juice (for example, this Blueberry Champagne Jello shot).

How Far Ahead Can I Make Jello Shots?

Now, you probably want to know how far in advance you can make your Jello shots since they remain good for at least 7-10 days. The answer is 3-5 days.

Gelatin is an animal byproduct. So, it has a shorter shelf-life once it’s been prepared, even with alcohol in it. You want your shots to be of the highest quality possible for the party. Therefore, don’t wait too long to give them. The flavors will begin to dilute after 5 days.

Can You Freeze Jello Shots?

No, you shouldn’t freeze Jello shots.

The shot of alcohol won’t make your Jello set faster since alcohol rarely freezes. Also, it will only become watery and frosty on the outside. Ice will then form on the top layer, ruining the rest of your shot.

Remember to keep them in the fridge for no more than 7-10 days.

The Proper Way to Store 

You need to know how to store Jello shots correctly if you want to ensure that you have enough time to enjoy them for the entire 10 days.

These are some tips:

  • Keep your Jello shots in an airtight container, or with tight lids for each shot in the refrigerator.
  • Avoid placing food that can accelerate spoilage or that has been spoiled next to them.
  • Your Jello shots should not be left out at room temperature for too long since this can encourage bacterial growth. Also, toss them immediately if you notice any fuzzy spots.

Do Jello Shots Go Bad?

Yes, Jello shots can definitely go bad. Here are some signs that your Jello is spoiled:

  • Color loss
  • Texture changes, like hardness or wateriness
  • Odors that are unusual or unpleasant
  • Mold formation at the top of it

You might ask, “Wouldn’t alcohol make Jello last indefinitely?”

No, not necessarily. The gelatin will start to dissolve, despite the alcohol being more or less fresh. Water may seep through the gelatin, collecting on the sides of shot glasses and cups. This is another indication that your Jello is not good, and it should be thrown out.

What Happens If You Consume Expired Jello Shots?

Consuming an expired Jello shot can make you sick, especially if it contains mold. Although the alcohol is supposed to prevent mold growth, it’s still best to throw out old Jello. It will not taste great because it is watered down, and it might smell awful.

You won’t get critically sick from eating an expired one. However, it’s not likely that you will feel great after eating one.

It’s Time to Bring Them Out! 

How long can they last? Depending on how the Jello is stored and prepared, it can last between 7-10 days. Jello will not stay good forever, regardless of how much alcohol it contains. Moreover, Jello should be prepared at least 3-5 days before you need it, and consumed as soon as possible. However, the “quick” part shouldn’t be a problem if you are throwing a party.

Have fun! But remember to drink alcohol responsibly. It doesn’t matter if it’s Jello, you can still get drunk.

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