The Divine Thanksgiving Pies To Make This Year

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The best and most divine Thanksgiving pies recipe can be found right here for you to have a great pie-baking day.

Ah, it’s the pie season! While other desserts are popular throughout the year, the holiday season, and in particular Thanksgiving, is prime pie time. This is a compilation of the most divine Thanksgiving pies to make it easy for you to plan your holiday menu!

These pies have been tested in the kitchen to ensure they are perfect for holiday guests. Let’s get baking!

How many Thanksgiving pies do you need?

It is believed that there is no such thing as “too many pies” and this holds true, especially on Thanksgiving!

A 9-inch pie can usually be cut into 6-8 slices, depending on how rich the filling is. Thanksgiving is a holiday that celebrates food, and many people will enjoy multiple slices of the pie, especially if they have several types to choose from. So, it is recommended to have at least two slices per person planned for your menu.

It is recommended that you have at least two pies for a small group of people (less than 10). If you have a larger group, it is recommended to have one pie per five or so people.

Recipe Tip

You can usually get away with cutting pies into smaller portions-at least 10 slices per pie or more-at Thanksgiving when there’s a lot of food. This allows people to sample each dessert from the table by taking a small slice of each pie.

What kind of Thanksgiving pies should you serve?

When you are offering dessert, it is better to have a selection of pies that have different textures and flavor profiles. So, you’ll have something for everyone! These are the most popular categories and use them as a guideline, and you can choose from any one of them to create a well-rounded dessert menu.

  • Custard Pies: This is a classic divine Thanksgiving pie dish! Custard pies are made with creamy fillings and are normally set with eggs (but not always). Here you will find favorite Thanksgiving recipes like pumpkin pie, sweet potato cake, and sugar cream pie.
  • Fruit Pies: Apple pie is a classic, but cranberry pie and pear pie are all great fall fruits you can choose to make into a delicious pie. You can also make canned pie filling during the summer, so you won’t be restricted to what’s in season. If you like cherry pie, then go ahead!
  • Nutty Pies: A nut-based pie has a crunch that can provide a refreshing contrast to smooth and creamy pumpkin or custard-based pies. A Bourbon Pecan Pie is one of the best, but there are many other nut-based pies like walnut or hazelnut.
  • Chocolate Pies: There isn’t anyone who doesn’t like something chocolatey to finish off their meal. French silk pie, chocolate chess pie, or even pies with chocolate chip pie are all options.

Recipe Tip

Sweetened whipped cream is a must-have in your kitchen for serving with your pies. While you can make your own, it is easier to buy canned sweetened whipped cream when serving a large crowd. You can just set it out by your dessert table and you’re done.

When should you bake your pies?

Dessert is something you can prepare ahead of time if you don’t want to cook and bake everything on Thanksgiving Day itself.

If you don’t want to assemble and bake the full pie in advance, even making the pie dough in advance can cut down on the number of dishes you need to prepare and the time spent in the kitchen during Thanksgiving. You can wrap the pie dough in plastic wrap and keep it in the refrigerator for 3 days, or leave it in the freezer for up to 3 months.

You can store fruit-based pies covered on the counter for up to three days. So, yes, you can bake them in advance. Custard-based pies or pies that contain lots of eggs or dairy in their filling will need to be kept in the fridge. These pies may not fit in your refrigerator if you have turkey and other ingredients for side dishes. So, you can freeze them or make them the day before. You’ll read more about that in a moment.

Recipe Tip

You can delegate pie-making tasks that are on your Thanksgiving list! If someone asks you what they can bring to dinner, be open to accepting their offer and asking them to bring a pie.

Can you freeze Thanksgiving pies?

Yes. In general, they can be. However, some pies will freeze better than others.

Custard-based pies may experience texture changes once they are out of the freezer. So, it is recommended that you keep any pie with creamy custard fillings out of the freezer. Although there is some good luck in freezing Pumpkin Pie or Sweet Potato Pie, it is only left in the freezer after baking. The texture of the pie changes slightly, but it is not too much to scrape the pie entirely.

You can freeze fruit pies in general as they are excellent in the freezer. Therefore, you can make them months ahead of time, freeze them unbaked, then have them ready for Thanksgiving.

Recipe Tip

It is highly recommended to freeze fruit pies unbaked. Simply place the pie on an aluminum foil plate, cover it, and freeze it. There is no need to defrost the pie when it’s time for baking. You only need to uncover the baking sheet and place it in the oven. Then, add approximately 20–30 minutes to the original baking time.

You’ve now learned everything, so let’s get on to the actual pies!

The Best and Most Divine Thanksgiving Pies

These are the must-serve pies at family Thanksgiving. There’s something for everyone!

1. Pumpkin Pie

This is the pie you should choose if you only have one pie to make for Thanksgiving! It is a pie recipe that has been handed down through generations. It’s also got a secret trick that makes it the creamiest and silkiest pumpkin pie ever to grace your dinner table.

2. Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie

What’s not to like about chocolate, bourbon, and nuts? This rich, decadent pie can be served with after-dinner coffee.

3. Apple Pie

It’s easy to make a classic apple pie with premade filling.

4. Caramel Apple Pie

This inventive twist on apple pie transforms the classic Thanksgiving dessert into something delicious and decadent!

5. Bourbon Vanilla Bean Apple Pie

Bourbon is a popular holiday theme, and this ready-to-use pie mixture makes it super easy to assemble your apple pie. 

6. Hoosier Sugar Cream Pie

This one is a part of the tradition in Indiana! Sugar cream pie is a silky and rich pie with a buttery flavor that anyone can enjoy no matter where they are located.

7. Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet potato pie may be the perfect solution if you are tired of pumpkin spice. To make a rich and thick filling, sweet potatoes are combined with spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg.

8. Cranberry Curd Tart

This cranberry pie looks as gorgeous as it tastes! The crust is simple and made with ground almonds, and the filling is sweet and tangy cranberry curd. It is a pie that works great for Christmas or Thanksgiving!

9. Chocolate Chess Pie

This chocolate cream pie is only for chocolate lovers! It’s rich and thick, and the perfect way to end a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.

10. Triple Coconut Cream Pie

Although it might seem odd to include this odd duck on your Thanksgiving list, it is based on founded information that having some variety in the highly spiced flavors of the season can be quite a refreshing break.


This is a wonderful time of year, and pies are part of the reason why! Stock up on your favorite pie ingredients, get your creative juices flowing, and who knows, you might end up with more than a few delicious pies yourself.

So, whether you are hosting or attending this year, divine Thanksgiving pies are a must. Grab your recipe and get to the kitchen before you start daydreaming about your next bite!

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