Butter vs Oil For Steak: What To Choose

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Choosing the best cooking oil for your cooking needs is a must. Experts’ opinions are split up when it comes to which is better: butter or oil.

Let’s start with the smoke point. The temperature at which your meat will be cooked is the main factor to determine your chosen cooking fat. If you don’t want butter or the oil you’re using to burn or make your pan more difficult to clean then you should keep in mind that the smoke point of butter or the oil makes a difference.

Differences Between Butter and Oil For Steak

Let’s now look at the facts.

  • Butter’s smoke point is just above 300° F.
  • The average smoke point of Canola oil is 400° F.
  • Depending on the condition of the olive oil, the smoke point usually falls between 350-410° F.
  • The smoke point of Coconut oil is 450°F.
  • Avocado oil’s smoke point is around 520 °F.

As shown above, butter has a lower smoke point compared to oil. As a result, if you have a scalding hot pan to cook your steak, adding a lump of butter at first will burn it up.

Butter For Steak

You can still enjoy the wonderful flavors of butter when you cook your steak. Instead of using butter as the cooking oil, you can use it as a finishing oil. Place a small amount of butter on the topmost part of your steak and let it melt. Are you feeling adventurous? Match the butter with garlic and make a garlic butter topping.

Heat When Using Butter To Cook Steak

It is better to use butter to cook other meats using low heat or if you are aiming for a shorter time. For example, shrimp turns brown immediately with butter and it won’t burn since it gets cooked fast. Butter can also be used to brown the chicken if it’s being pan-seared in a medium-hot pan.

Let’s move on to the next question:

Which oil is the best for cooking steak?

This will change depending on what you prefer. Coconut oil and avocado oil have particular flavors that can affect the taste of the meat, but they’re all good choices when you are cooking with high heat. Canola oil and olive oil are more frequently used due to their neutral flavors.

Are you wondering which is the best olive oil? We are here to help.

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Now that you have cleared the butter vs. olive debate, punch those numbers and order the meat.

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