Legend Coffee.Co


Legend Coffee.Co has been in the family generations after generations. It became a hand-built family business that began in China Spring, Texas. The story of Legend Coffee.Co is similar to what we had at Sharemykitchen – The start wasn’t an easy build. Everything that founded the company came from scratch. Legend Coffee.Co started as a coffee trailer until it became successful.

Legend Coffee.Co came into existence because of the art of falling in love with roasting coffee, and people in the company wanted to share that love here in Austin, Texas. They want to offer everyone the best experience they could have when ordering their coffee. Aside from that, they want them to serve the local ingredients we put in our coffees. Once you get a taste of our local-made coffees, you will know what the legend is all about.

Legend Coffee.Co’s Menu

Legend Coffee.Co offers various hot and cold drinks, from espresso to brewed coffee to tea. These hot drinks will warm your day, and it contains just the perfectly blended taste specially made for you. If you want some twist on your hot drink, espresso got it for you. Oh, so you want a bitter yet strong hot drink? Why don’t you try our brewed coffee? Do you want to stick to English drinks but also with ice? Legend Coffee.Co offers tea. If you don’t prefer to drink any hot and cold drinks, make sure to try their Baked Goods.

Moreover, the menu below is the list of options you can choose from espresso, brewed coffee, and tea:

  • Espresso
    • Espresso (double)  $3.00
    • Macchiato (double)  $3.00
    • Cappuccino  $4.00
    • Latte $4.00
    • Deluxe Mocha $5.00
    • Cassandra  $5.00
  • Brewed Coffee 12 OZ 16 OZ
    • Drip $2.00 $3.00
    • Manual $3.00
    • Cold Brew $3.50
  • Tea 12 OZ 16 OZ
    • Hot Tea $2.00 $3.00
    • Chai $4.00
    • Iced Classic $3.00
    • Iced Herbal $3.00
    • Baked Goods $3.00

(changed daily)

Legend Coffee.Co Store

Of course, a company wouldn’t be complete without its very own store. Aside from pouring our hot and cold drinks with their local-made coffees and teas, Legend Coffee.Co also offers a pack of coffee beans you can roast and brew in the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, their store also sells T-shirts and Tank Tops you can purchase and wear. The shirt’s design has its very own logo printed on the front, and you’ll be doing the company a favor by advertising it to your friends and families! 

The list below is the goods you can check out and purchase:

  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe $18.00
  • Costa Rica Teerazu Legua Dragon $16.00
  • Colombia Huila Pitalitio $16.00
  • T-shirt $20.00
  • Tank top $20.00