Leaf Cutter Design


Leaf Cutter Design is an online store that sells high-quality tiles and natural stones at reasonable prices. They have a wide range of wall tiles meant for the kitchen and the bathroom. Their luxury floor tiles have many formats and finish you can choose from. If you want to buy natural stone instead, they have tiles and mosaic designs ranging from basalt, travertine, tumbled marble, slate tiles, limestones, and marble tiles. They provide an affordable tile sample service and UK mainland delivery on all products. If you have any queries, service staff will attend to your inquiries.

Taps, Showers, & Brassware

The brassware section all came from Crosswater, and they are being sold at competitive prices. If you buy one of these products, they all have 10-year guarantees from Crosswater covering manufacturing faults and are delivered free of charge. You can purchase for as los was 140£ up to 1520£. Furthermore, the following list contains the available products in Taps, Showers, and Brassware products:

  • Mike Lever Taps & Shower Valves
  • Hey Joe Taps & Shower Valves
  • Quada Taps & Shower Valves
  • Multi-function Shower Valves
  • Zeya Bathroom Taps
  • Bathroom Accessories Quada

Bathroom Sinks

The bathroom sinks are supplied by Bahaus which is widely known as the leading brand of the highest quality and unique designs. They have a vast range of products you can choose from. If you purchase one of the available sinks, what comes with it is a 5-year guarantee and a free delivery. 

Select from their top-quality sinks

  • Albatros Oval Basin £1532.00
  • Alicante Rectangular Basin £115.00
  • Amsterdam Round Basin £153.00
  • Amsterdam Round BAthenas Oval Line Basinsin £153.00
  • Atlanta Round Basin £144.50
  • Austria Oval Line Basin £153.00
  • Bali Round Basin £152.00
  • Madrid Rectangular Line Basin £208.25
  • Malaga Oval Line Basin £161.50
  • Manchester Rectangular Line Basin £199.75
  • Milan Rectangular Line Basin £178.50


The various lighting products offered by Leaf Cutter designs are all manufactured by the Spanish-owned LEDs. Leaf Cutter designs have partnered with them for over the last few years because they sell the highest quality of lighting, and they are one of the famous leading brands of lighting products. As for the delivery, all lights ordered will be delivered within the 14-day period. All lights range from 9£ – 270£. Here are the types of lighting supplies you can buy in Leaf Cutter Design: 

  • Bathroom Lights
  • Ceiling Lights
  • Floor Lamps
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Halogen Light Bulbs
  • Wall Lights
  • Mirror Lights
  • Halogen Spot Lights
  • Table Lamps

Quarry Tiles

For the past few years, quarry tiles have become old fashioned but classic. It was surpassed by a wide range of finishes and designs of modern floor tiles. However, there are still some customers looking for them. Quarry tiles will look good in both the traditional and contemporary settings with its robust unglazed tiles. It’s perfect to use in a farmhouse boot room to loft apartment kitchen floor.

Floor Tiles

They have a wide array of floor tiles styled by The Mods range of porcelain tiles. These tiles are perfect for walls and room sets. Moreover, below are the classifications of floor tiles they offer:

  • Africa Range
  • Graal Range
  • Portofino Range
  • Rustica Range
  • Mods City
  • Mods Victoria 
  • Mods Mayfair
  • Poc-A-Poc
  • Mods Piccadilly
  • Roma Range
  • Oxida Range
  • Rigoletto Range
  • Greca Cream
  • Elements Range
  • Danubio Floor Tiles

Bathroom Tiles

A bathroom is a place where it can be everyone’s escape place. MODS is a successful collection that has been used in some of the most notable new constructions in the area surrounding our retail location. It can attest to the fact that these tiles do credit to the most luxurious bathrooms because they are located just a few miles from the millionaire homes of the Sandbanks beach resort.

Furthermore, the following list contains the available designs for bathroom tiles:

  • Limestone Range
  • SB Range
  • Islandia Range
  • Oriel Range
  • Metropolis Range
  • Perla Range
  • Dune Range
  • Glacier Range

Kitchen Tiles

Selecting the best kitchen tiles for your kitchen walls is a must. It adds to the perfect aesthetic vibe you’re after. Leaf Cutter design has various designs you can choose from. They have categories of sizes and patterns you may be interested in. In addition, they also offer natural stone tiles and mosaics.

Here are the types of kitchen tiles you can find in Leaf Cutter Design: 

  • Baby bevel – Ivory
  • QB Bevelled Brick tiles 20 x 10
  • Baby bevel – white
  • Park Lane 
  • Strand
  • Pixel White Range
  • Pixel Cream Range
  • Crackle Brick Tile Collection

Glass Tiles

Handmade art glass tiles from English artists Rupert Scott and Jo Downs, as well as modern glass borders from Austrian manufacturer Villi glass, are among the glass tiles and glass borders available.

Furthermore, the following list contains the available designs for glass tiles:

  • Fifth Element Design
  • Glass border tile
  • Rupert Scott Glass Tiles
  • Glass Mosaics

Natural Stone Tiles 

Leaf Cutter design is widely known for its natural stone products. They sell the highest quality of natural stone there is. They also offer various color and finish variations on their natural stone. Moreover, listed below are the available designs for natural stone tiles:

  • Basalt Tiles
  • Granite Tiles
  • Limestone Tiles
  • Sandstone
  • Marble Tiles
  • Slate Tiles
  • Travertine Tiles
  • Tumbled Marble Tiles
  • Mosaics Tiles

Mosaic Tiles 

Over the years, mosaic tiles have become famous, and it has been in demand ever since. Leaf Cutter design since then introduced their famous mosaic tiles ranging from Moscow, Micro Metro, and Iridescent Glass Mosaic. 

Lithofin stone 

Various stone and tile care products are supplied by a German manufacturer Lithofin, and the Italian-made sprint. The following contains the available product manufactured by Lithofin:

  • 1ltr Lithofin Easy-care £9.85
  • 5ltr Lithofin Easycare £45.00
  • Lithofin MN Slate-seal £15.18
  • Lithofin MN Stain stop 0.5 ltr £15.19
  • Lithofin MN Stain stop 1 ltr £27.28
  • Lithofin Wexa £10.16 £10.16

Electric Underfloor Heating

Thermonet provides a comprehensive selection of electric underfloor heating mats and accessories. Thermonet is dependable, safe, and long-lasting. In fact, the corporation is willing to give a 10-year warranty against any manufacturing flaws. This approach works well with tiles, natural stone, wood, laminates, and carpet.

Furthermore, the following list contains the available products for electric underfloor heating:

  • 7 day programmable thermostat £79.90
  • Shower tray heatmat 151w 5201 £96.97
  • Shower tray heatmat 262w 5202 £135.94
  • Standard thermostat kit 5260 £56.40
  • Thermonet Extra 200w £98.34
  • Thermonet Heatmat Monitor / 6010 £93.13
  • Thermonet Standard 150w £62.85

Tiling Accessories

A variety of tiling equipment, general tools, trimmings, and adhesives are used to install bathrooms and kitchens. Accessories cost £17.63 up to £352.44. Choose from these tiling accessories offered by Leaf Cutter Design:

  • Tile Trims
    • Anodized Aluminium L Trim 10mm £17.63
    • Anodized Aluminium L Trim 12.5 mm £17.63
    • Anodized Aluminium L Trim 8 mm £17.63
    • De Luxe Trim  £17.63
  • Armeg Porcelain Tile Drilling Range
    • Armeg Piping & Fixing Set PTCSET1 £352.44
    • Armeg PTC Drill 6.0 mm £24.49
    • Armeg PTC Drill Bit 6.5 mm £25.86
    • Armeg PTC Drill Bit 7.0 mm £27.21
    • Armeg PTC Drill Bit 8.0 mm £28.59
    • Water Feed Unit PTCWKIT £35.19 

Leaf Cutter Design’s Shipping Return

Any non-tile or stone products returned to Leafcutter Design will receive a full refund within 14 days. The buyer is responsible for the return postage and must return the goods in their original packaging and in saleable condition. If any material is returned damaged, no credit will be offered. Returns only accepted of products purchased from Leaf Cutter Design. They do not accept returns from third-party distributors. Customers will be responsible for shipping costs for returns made over the past 30 days. 

Stone Flooring

One of the most essential parts of designing a house is the stone flooring. Choosing the best stone flooring is a must. Leaf Cutter design has given you a guide on the various types of stone flooring that may suit you. Moreover, the following list contains the available designs:

  • Slate Flooring
  • Limestone Flooring
  • Travertine Flooring
  • Marble Tiles
  • Granite Flooring
  • Basalt Flooring
  • Sandstone Tiles