Ungaro Raw Restaurant


Ungaro Raw Restaurant promotes the importance of healthy eating which we also advocate here at Share My Kitchen. It advertises high-quality and unique organic products coming from Australia. From the name of the restaurant itself, they have various food choices ranging from uncooked, unprocessed, and organic foods. 

Contact Details 

If you have any requests or questions regarding the food products Ungaro Raw Restaurant is selling, you may contact them through their phone number at +61 2 8964 9223 or send an email to ungaroraw@gmail.com. If you’re living or nearby the location of their restaurant, you may visit them at 656 Darling St Rozelle NSW 2039.

Customer Testimonial 

Ungaro Raw Restaurant is widely known for using organic products. They promote healthy food combinations. And because of that, a lot of their customers are satisfied with their food cooking and their services. Ungaro Raw Restaurant did not disappoint in pleasing their customers’ palate, and it earned them their heartwarming reviews for the restaurant. To see what the reviews are, simply read below:


“Organic Vegan & Vegetarian Cafe” 

I have been to this cafe a couple of times, and the service is always top-notch. Meals are very tasty and the vegan desserts are so yummy. Breakfast is served all day. – carspot | Sydney, Australia

“Great food … best coffee”

We had lunch at this lovely small cafe opposite the markets. The food was perfect. The staff was very professional, friendly and attentive. Great coffee and organic wine list was impressive. – ozestar | Sydney, Australia

“Tasty and good for you!” 

This place was a pleasant surprise. Three omnivores went into a vegetarian restaurant… and came out well fed and happy! – Gundagai

Excellent food 

I go to Ungaro regularly and the food is fresh, healthy and tasty. They have some amazing specials. In contrast to another reviewer I believe it is way better than Sadhana Kitchen. The service is very friendly at Ungaro, and whilst it’s not a place to go to for a quick meal, it’s a lovely dining experience. If I had to seek out something for improvement I’d say I’d wish they would use notzarella for the vegan pizza. That would be excellent. – hippywoman

Delicious and fresh vegan food 

So much amazing vegan and gluten free food. I loved it. Try the raw tasting plate and the tofu stirfry. The food comes out a bit slow and staff are not too active but the food makes up for it. – vanjastace



The food is always nice and fresh here. The staff are helpful and everything is always delicious! neha

A great addition to the ever-growing Rozelle food scene … If you’re not usually into the “raw” stuff, don’t let it put you off … The food is excellent, flavourful and the menu has great variety. I’ve had pasta, veggie burger, fritters, salads and a Mediterranean soup … all of which have been excellent. Give it a go! – Darius C. | Rozelle New South Wales

Great fresh juices awesome location enjoy the organic food and go away feeling revitalised! Watch the locals as you sit out on the sidewalk soaking up the sun – Amanda W. | Rozelle New South Wales

Quick friendly service and the Vegan big breakfast was pretty good, let down mainly by the quality of the fried tomatoes. Homemade baked beans and mushrooms were very good. – Bruce G. | Sydney, Sydney New South Wales

Amazing place.Superb food. Eat healthy. Live well – Sam Chhabra

Great atmosphere. Awesome food IT is a must to try. Lovely customer service – Steven Konitsas

“Great food and service ” Really enjoyed the food, service and atmosphere. Had the raw spicy tacos for Lunch, they were really enjoyable, will definitely return. – Nick M

Fantastic atmosphere! Yummiest quesadillas I’ve ever had….very lovely owner…shared her story and her vision…so lovely to see someone passionate about food and life! – Stefany Wunsch

Best place in rozelle for brunch, organic, vegetarian and vegan-friendly options. The big breakfast is the best! They also do some great smoothies and fruit juices. – Marine

Friendly staff! Great organic food and drink selection – amber.tc.5


Ungaro Raw Menu

Ungaro Raw Menu has a lot of food options you can choose ranging from the main course, entrees, desserts, and drinks. Options from the main course vary from breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Starting from the main course in terms of breakfast they serve banana bread served toasted with a choice of dairy or non-dairy butter, toast and homemade preserves, gluten-free fruit and nut loaf or buckwheat loaf, muesli with fresh fruit and yogurt, porridge, acai bowl, french toast, avocado & tomato on toast, zucchini & corn fritters, omelets. As you have noticed, their breakfast menu is loaded with carbohydrates which our body needed as fuel or energy. It makes our body feel alive in the morning. 

In terms of lunch, they have a wide selection of vegetables, burgers, and soup. This includes soup with a name called ‘Soup of the Day’ and it’s served with dressed green leaves & organic toast, veggie wrap with roasted vegetables, tomato, green leaves & chilli jam, Ungaro veggie Balls in a tangy tomato sugo with your choice of toast, Basil Risotto with mushrooms, baby spinach & parmesan (and there’s vegan option if you’d prefer that), Ungaro Burger with hemp seed ranch dressing, chilli burger with cheddar cheese & chilli jam, rocket salad, Roasted Vegetable Pizza Roasted vegetables and Baby Spinach, Aussie Burger with beetroot relish, and raw zucchini pasta with basil pesto, sundried tomato & rocket, sprouts. 

For their dinner option, most of the food choices are similar to the lunch option, but there are still great options you can choose from: Ungaro hotpot with polenta & green leaves, Jalfrezi curry, raw spicy almond tacos with tomato, corn salsa & cashew cream wrapped in cabbage, Ungaro burger with hemp seed ranch dressing, chilli burger with cheddar cheese & chilli jam, and Aussie Burger with beetroot relish, spelt pasta with tomato, mushrooms, spinach & parmesan or cashew cheese.

Now, If you want to skip the main course and just want to dig for entrees delight, then Ungaro Raw menu is perfect for you. First, for lunch they have Bruschetta served with side salad, garlic bread served with raw dips, seeds & sprouts, vegetable spring rolls served with side salad, dips, olives & Melba toast, and seasonal raw tasting platter served with dips & crackers. Second, for dinner they serve steamed spinach & tofu dumplings served with side salad, dips, olives & Melba toast, shitake & leek spring rolls served with side salad, raw green leaf wraps served with raw dips, seeds & sprouts, and seasonal natural tasting plate served with dips & crackers.

Surely you can’t have a day without dessert? A dessert is a heavenly piece of food that melts right inside your mouth, like it’s been cooked just for you. Fortunately, the Ungaro Raw menu has a list of options you can go through. They serve tasty treats which are 100% organic and you can choose apricot & goji berry bomb, ginger energy ball, and mint & chocolate truffles. They also serve glow bars which are also organic and there are rawm pineapple, mango & cold-pressed turmeric. Next, they have choc and zucchini loaf, and funky fudge brownie. These desserts will feel like eating ambrosia, the food of the Greek gods.

And what’s the best way to finish your main course, entrees, and desserts? Of course, you need to have a good drink. They have a much wider drink selection than all the foods they offer. They sell green smoothie, Ungaro Raw smoothie, yogurt (dairy and non-dairy) smoothie, freshly squeezed juice, organic hot drinks, bottled drinks, organic red wines, organic red beers, and local beers. Dining at Ungaro Raw Restaurant is a must. They have a diverse food collection that you must try. Just from browsing the main courses all the way up to drinks, they never miss out. 

Bxl Menu 

Bxl offers various appetizers that stimulate your appetite, making you more eager to consume the main entree. Soupe du Jour, Terrine Maison, Croquettes aux Truffes, Calamars Frites, Salade Provençal, Salade D’Endive au Roquefort and BXL Sliders are some of the choices. 

Delight with Bxl’s main entree. They offer wide variety of main course including Chicons au Gratin, Boucheé a la Reine, Carbonnades Flamandes, Boulettes de Viande Sauce Tomate, Spaghetti Bolognese, Onglet aux Echalottes, and Croque Monsieur. Don’t forget also to try their meaty Hamburger BXL and Cheeseburger BXL

Are you a brunch person? Then Bxl Cafe Restaurant will be your go to place! They serve breakfast meals all time of the day. Eat breakfast and lunch. Savor their Gauffres de Bruxelles, Soupe a L’Oignon Gratineé, Salade Verte au Fromage de Chèvre, Croque BXL, Omelette a la Carte, and many more. 

Desserts conclude a meal course and adds sweetness to our dine. Satisfy your sweet tooth with their Gaufre de Bruxelles, Moelleux au Chocolat, Crème Caramel, Tarte Tatin, Mousse au Chocolate, Dame Blanche, Profiteroles, and Pot au Chocolate.