Cocoface: Suppling The Freshest Coconuts


Coconuts are a delectable and versatile fruit. It is a rich source of vitamins and nutrients, something that we highly value at Share My Kitchen. Cocoface is a fresh coconut supplier for independent groceries, yoga studios, and other health shops in the United Kingdom. 

When did Cocoface start? 

Both coconut lovers, Dash and Charlie, during their first meeting in 2012 had an in-depth discussion about coconuts. They kept thinking of ways to get a fresh thirst quencher of coconut every day.  After their talk, they decided to source the freshest and tastiest coconuts. Cocoface was established, and they had their humble beginnings for home delivery. Their business continues to grow by supplying health shops, delicatessens, yoga studios, and small groceries. It rose significantly over the years when it started selling to high-end retailers like Planet Organic and Whole Foods Market. 

What makes Cocoface stand out? 

As coconut lovers themselves, owners of Cocoface have consumed a huge amount of coconut and coconut water. Due to that fact, they set their high standards for delivering quality products to the public. The fact that their coconut water is raw and entirely unpasteurized means that they are packed with flavor and nutrients. Cocoface products are acquired from Thailand. The coconuts are packed well during shipment to guarantee it’s top-quality is restored. It hasn’t been tampered with or heated. Nam Hom is the variety of coconut they chose due to its sweet and aromatic flavor. Cocoface’s coconut water possesses distinct woody and malty flavors that you won’t find in any other. The tender and juicy kernel of the coconut is also perfect for smoothies, desserts, or any kind of dish.

Benefits of  Drinking Cocoface 

Electrolytes like potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, and chloride can be found naturally in coconuts. Hydration, muscle, nerve and brain function and blood PH balance are all dependent on the presence of these substances in our bodies.  Cocoface is a very versatile drink or snack. Whether you like it for a tasty beverage, varied snack, pregnancy booster, cocktail mixer, low-sugary kid’s delight or a hangover cure, the possibilities are endless and are up to you! 

Coconut Opener Products 

Cocoface is aware that most people shy away from buying a whole coconut, assuming that it is challenging to crack it open. Cocoface is not liable for any damage caused by knives, hammers, swords, or anything else you use to break your coconut. Fortunately, you can conveniently enjoy your coconut meat and water with their CocoTop and CocoCut products. 


CocoCut – Designed for opening young, fresh coconuts, the Cococut Coconut Opener is an excellent choice. It’s as easy as putting on the base and then twisting the handle to break through each layer. A stainless steel blade and a scratch-resistant plastic composite are guaranteed to cut through hundreds of coconuts without being blunt. You can purchase it for 7.99 £.  

CocoTap – The CocoTap is an excellent tool for making a straw hole in a coconut. It’s uncomplicated to use, machine washable, and effective. It is sold for 54£.  

Deliveries And Orders 

Cocoface delivers a case of 9 fresh nuts to your residential unit, workplace, or shop. They serve the United Kingdom, Russia, Ibiza, Ireland, Russia, and UAE. Enjoy the refreshing and tasty nut for only 22 £ plus shipping fee. If you prefer to have a healthy quench thirst on a regular basis, they have delivery subscription choices of: 

  • 18  £ for weekly,
  • 36  £  for 2 boxes per week
  • 20  £ for 1 box every 2 weeks
  •  36  £ for 2 boxes a month
  • 20 £  monthly.