Bxl Cafe Restaurant


In 2004, Bxl Cafe Restaurant & Menu was built and situated in the heart of Times Square with the goal of serving the finest Belgian beer and cuisine, which we are big fans of here at Share My Kitchen. The restaurant prides itself in its dark ensemble decorations alongside comfortable banquettes and tasty beer selections. Moreover, the location was convenient to a lot of locals and homesick Belgians as it stood like an oasis at the crossroads. 

The restaurant also offers all-you-can-eat mussels on Sunday and Monday nights and hosts football matches. If you are planning to watch a live show, you can visit the restaurant because it is located in the theatre district where shows are being hosted.

Bxl Menu 

Bxl offers various appetizers that stimulate your appetite, making you more eager to consume the main entree. Soupe du Jour, Terrine Maison, Croquettes aux Truffes, Calamars Frites, Salade Provençal, Salade D’Endive au Roquefort and BXL Sliders are some of the choices. 

Delight with Bxl’s main entree. They offer wide variety of main course including Chicons au Gratin, Boucheé a la Reine, Carbonnades Flamandes, Boulettes de Viande Sauce Tomate, Spaghetti Bolognese, Onglet aux Echalottes, and Croque Monsieur. Don’t forget also to try their meaty Hamburger BXL and Cheeseburger BXL

Are you a brunch person? Then Bxl Cafe Restaurant will be your go to place! They serve breakfast meals all time of the day. Eat breakfast and lunch. Savor their Gauffres de Bruxelles, Soupe a L’Oignon Gratineé, Salade Verte au Fromage de Chèvre, Croque BXL, Omelette a la Carte, and many more. 

Desserts conclude a meal course and adds sweetness to our dine. Satisfy your sweet tooth with their Gaufre de Bruxelles, Moelleux au Chocolat, Crème Caramel, Tarte Tatin, Mousse au Chocolate, Dame Blanche, Profiteroles, and Pot au Chocolate. 

Bxl Shirt 

Bxl Cafe Restaurant is widely known for promoting Belgian cuisine and delicious beers. Aside from that, they are also selling T-shirts inspired by the cafe itself. Its men’s sizes range from M, L, XL, while women’s sizes range from S, M, L for only $20.