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„Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.” – Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

We all know the importance of eating well. But what does eating well really mean to you? I still see many people who don’t cook, eat healthy, buy seasonal products and enjoy food – all of which are part of “eating well”. Yes, the number of people, who are health-conscious and extremely careful what they eat, is on the rise.  However, there are plenty of people, who for one reason or another are totally indifferent to what they put in their mouth.

The topic of eating proper, healthy food, but also one that’s gives you pleasure has been interesting to me for many years. Without being obsessed I read a lot of literature related to this matter, talk to many people – chefs, doctors, friends and all sorts of people… I also like to observe what sort of food people buy and eat, and I find it extremely interesting. For example, I would often study other people’s baskets when in a supermarket queue.  Or watch what (and how much) food people take from the breakfast buffet, when in a hotel.


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I am not a nutritionist or dietitian, nor am I a doctor. Therefore I will not be giving you scientifically-based advice on how to properly eat, for the purpose to be healthy and live 120 years. You won’t be offered the latest “wonder diet” that helps you lose 20 kilos in 2 months, either.

I will simply ask questions to make you think on a subject of what you eat and hopefully become more demanding eaters who are passionate about both your food and your health. I will also be sharing my views and what I do to insure I eat good food, without spending my entire day in the kitchen.

Some people will argue that eating good food is expensive and not everyone can afford it. Other will say that it is not really possible in today’s busy and hectic times.

Both arguments have their points. However I am talking about things everybody in Western societies can afford to do with little effort. What I mean by “good food” covers few major aspects, from using seasonal products and eating fresh and freshly prepared food, to cooking and enjoying the food you’ve prepared yourself.

Of course I am eager to hear your comments on the subject, so don’t just wait for the next posting, and comment now.


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