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Watermelon and white cheese

img_4020-1442101The combination of watermelon and white (brine) cheese is one of those things that can’t leave you indifferent. Adored by many and disliked by some, it’s a traditional summer snack in many regions of Bulgaria. “Dinya sas sirene” (watermelon & cheese) is found in many shapes around the country – as a starter, with olives and white bread, or served plain – just slices of vibrant red watermelon along with some sirene cheese. Lately, however, the watermelon white cheese combination has been gaining popularity in many other counties, especially in hot summer salads.

This refreshing, salty little mouthfuls, are our variation of the traditional Balkan dish. They are perfect for whetting the appetite before a meal in a hot summer afternoon or evening.

Serves: makes 24 skewers

Preparation time: 10-15 minutes


Small wedge of watermelon (about 450g/1lb), chilled 200g (7oz) sirene cheese (feta), chilled A little lime juice

Fresh mint leaves


Peel the watermelon and remove the black seeds. Cut the flesh into 24 bite-size chunks. Cut the cheese into 24 bite-size cubes.

Skewer a cube of cheese and a cube of watermelon on each 24 cocktail sticks. Squeeze a little lime juice and distribute the mint leaves over the skewers and serve.

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