The world of food and cooking – Part 11

Mortar and pestle


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As you know freshly ground pepper is the only way to go. It has a much better aroma and flavor than pepper purchased ground. For the very best ground pepper, use a mortar and pestle.

A mortar and pestle is a tool that has been used by people from ancient times

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What do they eat at Google?


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Fancy a Google ice cream treat? Although it may seem obvious that people at Google would eat only this kind of food, it’s not quite so.

Have you wondered what some of the smartest people on Earth eat? Burgers or foie gras? Are they  food conscious or totally ignorant to what goes

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Why is it important to eat slowly and chew your food?


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Take your time, it’s all yours! Eating fast leads to a whole bunch of complications.

We all know that chewing food well helps digestion and eating less, and makes you get the most of the food you eat. Yet, go to any eatery during lunch time and observe people eating for just

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The salad spinner


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Salad spinner in action

This is one of those things that make life in the kitchen easier. We have recently bought our salad spinner but I can already recommend it especially since finding few additional uses for it.

The main use of the salad spinner is to dry green leaves. This is

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