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Nettle and mushroom croquettes with yogurt sauce

nettle-croquettes-with-mushrooms-8937516Stinging nettles might seem an intimidating source of food but they are a good one. Once gathered and processed they can be used much as spinach and are just as nutritious. The key to successful stinging nettle collection (aside from thick gloves) is fussiness. You should, like herbivores in wildlife shows, only go for the tender new growth at the top of the plant. They are at their best in the spring when all of the plant growth is new.

Serves: 4

Preparation time: 40 minutes


2 cups stinging nettles, blanched and chopped (it’s about 6 cups raw) 4 medium sized potatoes 100 g. of nettle tips, blanched and chopped 4 medium sized mushrooms One egg 2 tbsp. oil Flour Breadcrumbs

Salt and pepper, to taste

For the yogurt sauce: 2 cups of plain yogurt Half a bunch of fresh dill, chopped Large garlic clove, grated or minced

Salt to taste

Chop three of the mushrooms very finely. Sautee them and set aside. Boil the potatoes and mash them. Boil the nettles, drain, and squeeze. Then chop and add them to the potatoes, together with the mushrooms. Add salt and pepper and bind with an egg. Roll the mixture into little balls and cover the balls in flour. Slice the fourth mushroom and stick one slice to each ball.  Fry a small number of croquettes at a time in a large amount of hot oil.

To make the yogurt sauce, combine the ingredients in a small bowl and stir gently to blend.

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