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The scrudle – 3 in 1 clever gadget, substituting a scoop, a scraper and a ladle at once. Soure:

Margaret O’Callaghan (65) invented a very clever device: a cross between a scoop, a scraper and a ladle, which she called wich the scrudle. With this invention she won a competition run by the dishwasher tablet firm Finish. Other great tools that made the final of the challenge were a cooking calculator, a baking beanbag and a rotating cake tray. Mrs.he O’Callaghan won her £10,000 and Heston Blumenthal’s praise. The famous chef headed the judging panel. He described Mrs. Callaghan’s product as “innovative, practical and something that I can actually see myself using in the kitchen”.

The shovel-like device has a flat edge to collect the last drops of soups, casseroles and every last morsel from saucepans. The utensil, which will be priced at less than £5, is likely to be made using silicone or another durable material to prevent it from melting.

Margaret O’Callaghan had a flash of inspiration for the gadget, which she named the Scrudle, while trying to ladle out the last of a beef stew.  “I hate having anything wasted,” she insisted. “Chefs on TV never scrape out everything because they don’t have time, but it irritates me.” Apart from the £10,000 she won from the competition straight away, she is also likely to scoop around £40,000 in royalties from the gadget, according to the organizers. What will she be spending the prize money on? “The first thing I’m going to do is pay someone to clean my oven,” she said.


Mrs. Margaret O’Callaghan, the scrudle inventor. Photo:


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