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Every year a panel of over 800 chefs, critics and other industry experts from around the World, choose the best restaurant of the year. The poll is organized by Restaurant Magazine – a British magazine, from 2002 has been producing The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

This is the most prestigious list, ranking the best of the best  restaurants in the world, and it is published in April of each year (next one coming out on 26 April, 2010).

The list actually contains two parts – 1-50 Best Restaurants in the World and 51-100 Best Restaurants in the World. Guide). The Restaurant Magazine publishes a comprehensive guide, packed with details of the world’s greatest restaurants, including in depth articles about the winning restaurants and chefs.

The list of  is at the end of the article.

For four years in a row (2006 – 2009) the famous Spaniard Ferran Adrià tops the list with his iconic  El Bulli restaurant


The best restaurant in the world El bulli, in Spain

in Catalonia, Spain (watch video bellow). Experts compare his cooking to the innovative art of Piccaso and insist he will leave a huge legacy in the development of cooking as an art. Second, again for four consecutive years, is the Brit Heston Blumenthal, with his The Fat Duck, in Bray, (Berkshire, England).

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list is compiled from the votes of chefs and experts from around the World. Here is how the system works:

The world is divided into regions, with a chairperson in each region appointed for their knowledge of their part of the restaurant world. They chair each selected voting panel, who cast a total of 4,030 votes.

There is no list of nominees; each member of our international voting panel votes for their personal choice of five restaurants. They may vote for up to two restaurants in their own region, the remaining votes must be cast outside their home region. Nobody is allowed to vote for their own restaurant and voters must have eaten in the restaurants they nominate within the past 18 months.

Contrary to popular belief, the Restaurants selected do not have to meet any criteria like Michelin or other guides. This has allowed restaurants like Momofuku Ssäm Bar, Extebarri and St John to be among the molecular and traditional cuisines of Restaurants like The Fat Duck to Les Ambassadeurs.

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants for 2009:
1  =      El Bulli Spain The World’s Best Restaurant &
Best Restaurant in Europe
2 =       The Fat Duck UK
3   ↑7    Noma Denmark Chef’s Choice
4   =     Mugaritz Spain
5   ↑21  El Celler de Can Roca Spain Highest climber
6   =     Per Se USA Best Restaurant in the Americas
7   =     Bras France
8   =     Arzak Spain
9   ↑6    Pierre Gagnaire France
10 ↑11  Alinea USA
11 =     L’Astrance France
12 ↓7   The French Laundry USA
13        Osteria Francescana Italy Highest New Entry
14 ↑2    St John UK
15 ↑5    Le Bernardin USA
16 ↑11  L’Hôtel de Ville – Philippe Rochat Switzerland
17 ↓8    Tetsuya’s Australia Best Restaurant in Australasia
18 ↓4    L’Atelier de Joël  Robuchon France
19 ↓2   Jean Georges USA
20        Les Créations de Narisawa Japan Best Restaurant in Asia, New Entry
21 ↑18  Chez Dominique Finland
22 ↑21  Ristorante Cracco Italy
23 ↑12  Die Schwarzwaldstube Germany
24 ↑16  D.O.M. Brasil
25 ↑9    Vendôme Germany
26 ↑2    Hof van Cleve Belgium
27         Masa USA Re Entry
28 ↓16 Gambero Rosso Italy
29 ↑13  Oud Sluis Netherlands
30         Steirereck Austria New Entry
31         Momofuku Ssäm Bar USA New Entry
32 ↑16   Oaxen Skärgårdskrog Sweden
33 ↓4   Martin Berasategui Spain
34 ↓4    Nobu London UK
35         Miraz France New Entry
36 ↓17  Hakkasan UK
37 ↑13  Le Quartier Français South Africa Best Restaurant in the Middle East and Africa
38         La Colombe South Africa Re-Entry
39 ↑5    Asador Etxebarri Spain
40         Le Chateaubriand France New Entry
41 =     Daniel USA
42      Combal.Zero Italy Re-Entry
43 ↓28  Le Louis XV Monaco
44 ↑3   Tantris Germany
45        Iggy’s Singapore New Entry
46        Quay Australia New Entry
47 ↓2   Les Ambassadeurs France
48 ↓25 Dal Pescatore Italy
49 ↓13 La Calandre Italy
50       Mathias D Sweden New Entry


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