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Haybox Cooker

Modern hay box cooker

Modern hay box cooker Photo source: www.theinnovationdiaries.com

We’ve heard only recently about the thing called a “hay box cooking” and the idea hooked us instantly. The concept of the box cooker is so simple and commonsensical that when I think about it I start wondering why I haven’t come up with the idea earlier.

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Flavour shaker

Flavour shaker

This is one kitchen gadget we’re glad we have. Flavor Shaker has been around for few years now and it was invented by Jamie Oliver to substitute the mortar and pestle. We’ve had it for a couple of months and we’ve been using it quite often since then. In the same manner as the age-old

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The scrudle – an amateur cook invents a 3 in 1 gadget


The scrudle – 3 in 1 clever gadget, substituting a scoop, a scraper and a ladle at once. Soure: www.finish.co.uk

Margaret O’Callaghan (65) invented a very clever device: a cross between a scoop, a scraper and a ladle, which she called wich the scrudle. With this invention she won a competition run by the

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