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Sweet Christmas Treats

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are approaching an we hope your mood is at least as festive as ours. This is the time of the year we usually have more time for ourselves and our loved ones and often cook things that otherwise we didn’t have time for during the year.

It will be interesting to know what will you put on the Christmas table and what is that special thing with which you’re going to surprise your family. Below we are sharing some very tempting sweet treats we’ve planned to make this festive period and hope they’ll inspire you.
Happy Holidays!

Джинджифилови бисквити

Chewy Nonfat Gingersnaps

Шоколадови къпкейкс

Chocolate Cupcakes

Портокалов кейк

Orange Cake

Лимонови кейкчета

Dainty Lemon Cakes

Шоколадово-кестенови трюфели

Chocolate Chestnut Truffles

Джинджифилови бисквитки със сусам

Ginger Nuts

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2 comments to Sweet Christmas Treats

  • Joanne

    I wish I had seen these before the holidays! Yum!

  • fulvia

    Beautiful pics and inviting recipes!

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