Summary of September 2011 recipes | The world of food and cooking

Hello everyone,

We hope you all had a great summer break and now feel refreshed and ready for new culinary adventures. Usually with the arrival of September, autumn marks the transition from summer, but following harvest, seasonal food is at its peak. September and October are the two months to take advantage of the abundant fruits, vegetables and meats that are all around us. Autumn cooking can incorporate some of the most hearty and satisfying dishes, but only if you are willing to take a look around at what ingredients naturally complement the season and use them to the best advantage.

Below is what we cooked last month and we would be interested to hear what you cooked in September.


Baba Ghanoush


Traditional Bulgarian Mish-mash


Spinach and walnut spread


Vegetables stuffed courgettes (zucchini)


Beer and honey glazed chicken legs


Chocolate chunks cookies

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