Summary of December 2010 recipes | The world of food and cooking

Hello everyone,

We haven’t done this so far and with this post we wish to start publishing a new type of posts – a digest of what we’ve cooked during the past month. The idea was suggested by a friend of ours, we found it interesting and decided to give it a go.

Below follow few fabulous recipes we published in December, and we hope they will leave you with the desire to make them for every party and brunch you’ll host or attend during the festive season.

Happy Holidays everyone!!!


Pissaladiere – a traditional appetizer from southern France.


Carrots and bulgur salad – from Christmas Eve table menu.


Anchovy crackers – as our experience shows, no one can resist them.


Fresh ginger cake – I baked four (!) of these cakes in the last month.


Chocolate beetroot fudge cake – very moist fudge cake with earthy beetroot hints.


Chewy gingersnaps – cushy, chewy and spicy cookies and all that without a drop of fat!


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