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Tear Free Onion Chopping Goggles

Never cry again when peeling and chopping onions when wearing these glasses. Buy for gifts to your friends and relatives who love to cook. You can also use these for many other things – allergies that make the eyes tear, against drafts that make your eyes tear, as well as for all the other activities you do where you need to protect your eyes. The seal around the lens give you great comfort. Oh, and they are great for onions too!

2 comments to Tear Free Onion Chopping Goggles

  • Lora

    My secret about no-tears onion slicing is cutting the root end of the onion first, then the top and then peal the onion and slice. I never cry when I remember to do this

  • Deshbazzar

    Informative tutorial i read this always.

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