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Salad spinner in action

This is one of those things that make life in the kitchen easier. We have recently bought our salad spinner but I can already recommend it especially since finding few additional uses for it.

The main use of the salad spinner is to dry green leaves. This is a clever device that uses centrifugal force to remove water from freshly washed salad greens or herbs. A salad spinner is a plastic bowl with a removable plastic strainer and special top that when closed and rotated, spins the strainer inside the bowl. When the strainer is filled with freshly washed leaves, the centrifugal force pulls excess water from the salad, flinging it through the walls of the strainer to the sides of the bowl where it collects in the bottom.

The benefits of making a salad from dry leaves is that salad dressing does not slide off damp salad greens and does not collect in the bottom of the salad bowl. You’ll get more flavor with less dressing (and fewer calories!) if salad greens are washed and thoroughly dried before tossing your salad with dressing.

And although we lived quite happily before owning a salad spinner, we find it very versatile, making many kitchen chores an easy game to play. For example, we all know that in order to get rid of excess moisture in eggplants or zucchini you need to pre-salt them. This is when you want them to develop a subtle brown crust while getting all soft and juicy from the inside. In such case I use my salad spinner. You put the whole heap of eggplant cubes or grated zucchini right inside,  close the lid and start spinning. Depending on freshness, one can extract up to a half cup of liquid from one eggplant.

Another use of the salad spinner is when you soak beans. That is when you wish to go for the real stuff and not for the processed, canned beans. Instead of washing the beans, just let them soak and in about half an hour, you will see the alien particles dropped to them bottom of the bowl. You save yourself time and lots of water. By the same token the salad spinner is good for washing cherries and other small fruits.

The only issue we have with our new device is the space it takes. But even this is thought through in regards to the lid. While in order to be functional the strainer and the bowl have to be of a certain size, the designers have obviously played with the lid and its handle (the one that allows you to spin it). The result is that the handle does not come out of the lid, thus making it easier to store.


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