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I guess you tried all sorts of sautéed potatoes – with garlic or dill, paprika or thyme, or all of those and many more. Many restaurants serve them as sides for fish and meats, or just on their own. We often make them at home, changing this and that and I can tell you from my own experience there are many things that can go wrong.kartofi-copy-9868820
Having said we cook them often, I want to say I mastered them in a way that every time I get “a regola d’arte” result. Before you read my masterpiece I need to warn you about something – it’s got a shortcoming: it’s by no means a fast food – it takes time.

Serves: 4 (as a side dish)
Preparation time: 40 minutes


½ liter homemade vegetable stock 600g potatoes (avoid new potatoes), cubed 3 tbs. (45 ml) sunflower or olive oil 3 sprigs rosemary, leaves only

salt to taste


Cut the potatoes, wash them and cut into medium size cubes. Place in a suitable size saucepan and pour over the vegetable stock. Bring to a boil and cook for 5 minutes. What you want is to half-cook them. Best way to test the potatoes is get a small knife and pierce one piece – the knife should just run through with little resistance. Next step is to pour the mixture into a colander and leave the potatoes to steam a little bit so they are dry, before hitting the pan.

Get a non-stick frying pan, pour the oil and heat it really hot. Place the potatoes into the pan, season with salt (optionally with freshly ground pepper) and add the rosemary. The secret is now to leave them without turning for few minutes so they get really crispy. Continue cooking on a medium-high heat for about 15 minutes, turning to make sure all sides touch the pan. Make sure you do that carefully, trying not to smash the pieces. Use a wooden spoon, or shake the pan in the same manner as you do when flipping pancakes but only with shorter movements.

kartofi-2-6114717Taste the potatoes and if somehow they are not completely done, take them off the heat but leave in the hot pan for additional 5 minutes covered by with lid (preferably perforated).

Should you decide to use garlic, add it before the end of the cooking. If you add the garlic too early, the high temperature makes the garlic burn which gives a little bitterness.

And that’s about it – you’ve got your perfect sautéed potatoes. Enjoy!

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