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Traditional Bulgarian Desserts

Mliako s oriz - Bulgarian rice pudding

Mliako s oriz – traditional Bulgarian rice pudding

Tikvenik - traditional Bulgarian sweet pumpkin pastry

Tikvenik – traditional Bulgarian sweet pumpkin pastry

Honey and walnuts baked apples

Pecheni yabalki s med i orehi – Honey Walnut Baked Apples

Roast pumpkin with honey and walnuts

Roast pumpkin with honey and walnuts


4 comments to Traditional Bulgarian Desserts

  • Brian

    I would like to know if you have ever made a Bulgarian dessert called Baniesia ? I have been told it is a baked small square pastry with a sweet cheese center. Could you help me out with what is the pastry exterior Cresent, yeast dough, puff,or Phillo ? What kinds of fillings ? Ect Thank you

  • Cinderella

    I believe your thinking of Banitsa. It’s not a dessert. They usually eat this at breakfast. It’s made with phyllo dough, sirene white cheese basically Bulgarian Feta cheese, eggs, butter. If you go to findbgfood they have recipes for this and many other Bulgarian foods. Hope this was helpful.


  • Brian

    Thank You Ciderella,
    I finally got the correct spelling and was able to create this breakfast item. It is quite plain in one recipe I utililized and slightly more festive when I used a tomato/bazil Feta along with a greek yogurt. It was pretty tasty and was quite unique! Thanks again for the assist

  • Malachite

    i would like to know are there any other puddings? custards? besides this and the caramel one?

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