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Mini pies with pears and blue cheese

With the first sunny days we start craving lighter food. We know some people live on salads only, but that’s definitely not us. For few days I was thinking about something fruity and tangy for a change, so I can serve it alongside the fresh lettuce, spinach and nettle. So, when I saw firm, juicy pears I decided to grab them without being sure what to use them for.Mini pies with pears and blue cheese

I searched for a suitable recipe and that’s how I stumbled upon these pear pies – and they seemed to be just what I wanted. They can be easily prepared even if you’re a beginner in the kitchen. They go very well with a glass of white wine, and are as delicious warm, as cooled, making them perfect even for your picnic basket or lunch box.

Serves: 3 (for dinner), 6 (for starter)
Preparation and baking time: 30-35 minutes


For the pies:
3 medium sized, firm pears
half lemon, juice only
200g ready made puff pastry, thawed
2-3 tbsp milk

For the filling:
150-200g Fontina, finely grated*
80-100g blue cheese
1 tbsp brandy
50g walnuts, crushed

*If you can’t find Fontina where you live (or you don’t like it) substitute for any semi-soft, rich and buttery cheese, like Emmental or Gruyere.


Peel the pears, cut them in halves and remove the seeds (leaving the stem). Scrape of the interior using a teaspoon, in order to form a wider notch to fill later. Save the carved pulp. Brush the pears with lemon juice from inside and outside.Mini pies with pears and blue cheese

Line a baking pan with parchment paper or silpat and arrange the pear halves, cavities facing down.

From the well thawed puff pastry cut 6 rectangles, just a bit larger than the pears. Cover every pear with a piece of pastry and using a sharp knife cut the excess, leaving a well covered fruit. Well, this may sound a bit tricky, but it is easier to make, than to describe.  Pierce here and there with a sharp knife and brush with milk.

From the puff pastry trimmings cut leaves and “clue” them with the milk.

Bake in preheated oven (200°С/400°F) for 15-20 minutes or until golden. Take of the oven and leave to cool in the pan for few minutes.Mini pies with pears and blue cheese

While the pies are baking prepare the filling – mix the finely grated cheeses with the brandy and the pureed pear pulp. Add half of the walnuts and stir until well combined. Leave aside.

When the pies are slightly cooled, remove from the baking pan (you may need to use tongs) and arrange over large serving dish. Fill the cavity with the filling, sprinkle with the rest of the walnuts and serve.

62 comments to Mini pies with pears and blue cheese

  • Daniela @ food recipes HQ

    Original and tasty, I’m sure. A great simple idea!

  • Elizabeth

    What can you use besides brandy in this recipe so I can serve it to my grandkids.

    • Hi, Elizabeth! You can just skip the brandy here -it is used only to enhance the flavours of the filling.
      Hope your grandkids like these mini pies!

      • Donna

        Could you use a bit of vanilla for flavoring? It also contains alcohol, but it would provide a different flavor profile. (I’m not a brandy fan, but can see how it would be a great flavoring agent.)

        • Sergey

          Hello Donna,
          yes, you could you use a bit of vanilla for flavoring. Please, get back with some feedback regarding the result.

    • blacke

      It is a tbsp of brandy. That will be cooked out of it. It is fine to serve to anyone. It is for flavor purposes.

      • Valarie

        You don’t cook the filling….so the alcohol won’t cook out.

        • Eric

          It’s one tablespoon! Even not cooked out, it’s completely utterly rediculous to be concerned about such a miniscule amount!

  • mary

    do you have the nutritional values for this recipe? Fat, Carb, Fiber and Protein? Counting points on ww and this looks so good!

    • Hi, Mary! I’m sorry, but I don’t have nutritional values for this, or for any other of our recipes.

    • Christine

      Mary, try using the Recipe Builder if you use WW Online.

    • Dominique

      Hello Mary, for counting your point value ,have a look at the back. Of the pastry and work out your points with your pro point calculator. 1 sheet of pastry isfor 4 half pears. Roughly guess for your filling as there is very little in each. I would count 2 pro points maximum then add your pastry. I would doubt if all together it is more than 3 pro points. Enjoy it and good luck with your WW.

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  • Barb

    Do these need to be served warm or can they be made a couple of hours ahead?

  • Martha Forsyth

    Thinking about trying apples this way too.

  • leona

    looks great. will use for party

  • Christina at I Gotta Create!

    These look amazing! Pinning!

    Wildly Original linky party is open

  • donovan

    are the pears hard after cooking, i am thinking about poaching then chilling to ensure a soft pear once the baking is done. turning into a dessert and poaching in simple syrup and adding cinnamon. Topping with ice cream and a vanilla bean for garnish.

  • Judy

    I made these with regular pie crust. I sprinkled a mixture of cinnamon & sugar before the crust. When done I sprinkled again with cinnamon & sugar (lightly) & served with vanilla ice cream! They were an awesome easy desert for hubby & I! Thanks a bunch!

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  • Jessica

    this is genius and super cute. I love the recipe and am totally going to use it next time I throw a party! I think I’ll do it with peaches in the summertime.

    • Megan Bailey

      Did you end up trying it with peaches? How did it turn out?

  • Kathryn

    Is there anything I need to know if I use apples? And which apples to use? Thank you.

  • Jan

    I left out the cheese/brandy filling and sprinkled with cinnamon. My grandkids LOVED THEM.

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  • Sonsole

    una idea maravillosa, creo que hoy las haré.

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  • Skylor (Sprout Lifestyle)

    The best for Pi Day!

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  • Bridget

    Made these mini pies. They were good! However for those of you that have a bit of a sweet tooth, I added a honey, cinnamon, and vanilla mixture underneath the topping.

  • Cindy C.

    I just made these for a wonderful brunch at my girlfriend’s house. I used a blueberry Stilton in place of the Fontina but followed the rest of the recipe exactly and they were amazing. My friend said my brunch rivaled that one at Wilson Creek Winery.

  • lisa

    Hello. I live in the Midwest and I am sure these little tasty tidbits are the best fresh!! But could anyone tell me if they have tried them with a canned halved pear?? Today is canning day and would love to have these yummies on a cold snowy day infront the fire!!! Just not sure how they will hold up after being canned.

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  • Cindy F

    This was delicious and was very easy to follow. My guest were very impressed. I will make this again!!

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  • jo

    Do you think you can make ahead and freeze. They look amazing

  • mlb7791

    Your site sucks. Can’t print a recipe. useless.

    • Donna

      Uncalled for. You can copy/paste into a Word document or some other vessel and print from there or you could use control P to print as is.

      The recipe is amazing, though!

  • Renee

    mlb7791, You could let her know, without being rude. Sometimes sites have problems and I’m sure she wants to know about them as much as you obviously enjoy your ridicule. DId you forget how to write? From what I can tell, all you need to write down is the filling and that is all of what??? three or four ingredients? If you try you might could even memorize that part. I hope you have a nicer new year.

    I’m making these for my New Years Eve dinner party….Beginning with Pretty Little Pear Pies for my salad….Crab Stew and homemade bread. …Chocolate tart with salted caramel topping. They look so cute and delicious…thanks for sharing. love

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  • Suzy

    I love to bake and always looking for great new ideas, and this looks amazing!! Also, I love your flatware in the image…who makes it? Thank you for posting this great recipe:)

    • Sergey

      Hello Suzi!
      The flatware in the image we bought couple of years ago in Portobello Market, in London. These are real antiques from 1850s and are called Victorian Silver Mother of Pearl Cutlery. Glad you like it, Suzi! Stay tuned for more recipes like this soon.
      Best, Sergey.

  • ptblogger

    Woah!I’m really loving the template/theme
    of this blog. It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of tjmes it’s hard to get that “perfect balance” between usability and visual appearance.
    I must say you’ve done a fantastic job with this.
    In addition, the blog loads very fast for me on Internet explorer.
    Exceptional Blog!

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  • irina

    I have a question about baking the pears, do i lay them pastry up or cavity up for baking?

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  • susana

    se ven deliciosas ¡hay que probarlas!

  • diana

    Just an FYI, Emmental and Gruyere are not semi-soft cheeses, they are semi-hard cheeses from Switzerland. It would be great if all you cooking and food “experts” with food blogs actually knew something about cooking and food. At the very least, you could look things up on the internet before you put them as “facts” on your blogs. I’m sorry if this sounds mean, but as someone who has been seriously cooking and studying cooking and food for many years, the out-of-control proliferation of food blogs by people who really know very little about good cooking is a point of frustration. And don’t even get me started on the astonishing number of sheeple who follow you all. I can only surmise their are a lot of lonely people out there who just want to believe the Emperors clothes are so beautiful… The gushing and fawning is really amazing. I do wish you well.

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  • Jo

    To Diana. If you are going to comment make sure you can spell. If you are going to be nasty get your own facts right. Maybe some people like to make simple recipes and not those of chefs who have lots of ingredients we don’t normally have in our pantries.,I thank all the wannabe cooks/chefs out there who are willing to put up these easy recipes for us to try so we can make up our own minds. Not to be told what we should like or make by stuck up chefs.

  • nicole

    hello, how much pear pulp and is it cooked? there is no amount listed in the recipe, only mentioned in the directions.

    • nicole

      nevermind, always good to actually read the whole thing twice!

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