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Quick crusty bread

Quick crusty bread - no kneading and single-rising

Recipe: Quick crusty bread

Summary: In less than 2 hours and with minimum, and I mean minimum efforts, you can have crusty fresh bread with an airy interior. You’ll need a bowl and a fork and that’s all.

Preparation time: 1 hour(s) 20 minute(s)

Cooking time: 20 minute(s)

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I’m not really obsessed with baking bread quickly. I know for a fact good food takes time to prepare. It’s just that I can’t resist trying new recipes, especially the ones with yeast, promising quick results.

Add to this the fact there is no kneading, and it only raises ones, and this makes it really fast bread! In less than 2 hours and with minimum, and I mean minimum efforts, you can have crusty fresh bread with an airy interior. You’ll need a bowl and a fork and that’s all.

It is the bread to eat warm with just some olive oil, balsamic vinegar and may be some rosemary olives and a glass of wine.

Quick bread with honeyMakes 3 small loafs

Preparation and baking time: 1 hour and 40 minutes


500g all purpose flour + bit more for working
370ml lukewarm water
1 tbsp honey
1¼ tsp active dry yeast
1 tsp salt


Dissolve the honey in the lukewarm water. Sift the flour in a big bowl and add the dry yeast. Make a well in the center and pour the water with the dissolved honey. Mix briefly with a fork, adding the salt. The dough will be soft and sticky, and definitely not smooth, but it is ok.

Sprinkle some flour over the top and cover the bowl with cling foil. Leave it to rise in a warm place for about an hour or so.

Meanwhile line the baking tray with baking paper. Preheat the oven to 220°C/430°F.

Ready for baking - quick bread with honeyWhen the dough doubles in volume, transfer it over generously floured surface and divide in tree equal parts. Or you can directly sprinkle some flour over baking paper lined tray and divide the dough there. Try to transfer the dough with the floured suface facing up. Briefly shape the tree loafs.

Bake right away for 15-20 minutes, than lower the oven to 160°C/320°F and bake for additional 10-15 minutes. This bread does not need proving – it will rise in the oven the first 10 minutes.

Cool over wire rack for at least 15 minutes, before cutting.

Recipe adapted from Dulcis in Furno.

96 comments to Quick crusty bread

  • Julia

    Fresh bread in less then 2 hours. Yes please!

  • Peggy

    This bread looks fantastic! And less than 2 hours? Sign me up! =)

  • Lisa

    This looks wonderful! What is “clink” foil?

    • Thank you, Peggy and Julia!
      Thanks, Lisa – it is my mistake – I meant cling film (plastic wrap or cling wrap).

  • Lisa

    I’m curious – youi’ve used active dry yeast – and I’m wondering if you had any issues with the yeast not dissolving since it’s not given any time to activate in the liquid. What would the quantity of instant active dry yeast be if I were to substitute it?

    • Hi Lisa,
      as this dough is very moist I never had problems of this kind – at the end of the hour the dough is soft, very sticky, I admit, but perfectly risen. I’m not practical with the instant dry yeast, never tried it in that recipe. I tried this bread with fresh bakers yeast and it worked good too. If you want to try it, you’ll need 12g. of fresh yeast, dissolved in the water in advance. Good luck.

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  • Lisa

    I made the bread with instant yeast – turned out beautifully. I was just being somewhat lazy since I normally have all three types of yeast about. But only had instant on the day I read this and wanted to make it. Thanks for a lovely recipe :)

  • Elisheva

    hi! would you be able to tell me the measurements for flour & water in cups? I’d love to make the bread but unfortunately I’m not well versed in metric!
    thank you!

    • dee

      1 c all purpose flour weighs about 140 gms. The recipe takes about 3 1/2 cups. 1 c water is 280 mls. The recipe takes about 1 1/3 c

  • Claire

    Has anyone tried this with whole wheat flour? Does look nice and easy :)

    • Hi, Claire!
      I actually did tried the recipe using only whole wheat flour, and a version with white and whole wheat (half:half). The result in the first case was not bad – the bread turned out a bit flatter than the white one, but it was still delicious. Although we definitely prefer the second version – it was softer inside and rises better. In both cases you’ll need to add more water than the recipe calls for – I added 70ml. more for the whole wheat version, and 50ml. for the white – whole wheat mix.

      Good luck!

      • dee

        If you use bread flour instead of all purpose with the whole wheat it will rise even better. The higher protein helps gluten.

  • jess white

    NO KNEADING? Sign me up! lovely blog.

  • trish

    Made your bread today! (currently baking) however my dough was really moist it didnt even hold up in the loaf shape! I measured everything to the T but it still came out pretty moist! hopefully it bakes well! thanks though the recipe is awesome for no knead! (being a student I dont have access to one of those fancy kitchaids with a dough hook!0 ;)

    • Hi, Trish! I hope your bread came out nice and you like it. I have no doubts you measured precisely everything, but we live in different parts of the world and that usually affects flour qualities (especially when it comes to humidity). Next time you decide to bake this bread, you can adjust the flour-water ratio to fit your particular flour, like adding a bit more flour.

  • Hana

    Oh my goodness… My bread came out perfectly. I used a whole packet of yeast (2 1/4 tsp) rather than the 1 1/4 tsp which it originally called for (I didnt want to waste the pack). This was my first attempt at bread-making and it came out like one of those that I would buy from the farmers market. DELICIOUS! thanks!

  • Elizabeth Barry

    I just made this bread, it was really yummy. I modified it to have some rosemary sea salt and olive oil. Really great =]

  • Katana

    I made your bread today, and it is just delicious, and so easy. The only problem I had was that I couldn’t get it to rise as much as I wanted to, and I ended up with a sort of dense bread. It still tasted great, but I would like to make this recipe again with more air. I followed someone’s suggestion on another site to place my bowl of dough in another bowl filled with warm water to keep it toasty as I don’t really have another warm place to let it rise.

    • I’m sorry your bread didn’t rise as much as you expected. Generaly it is not the soft and fluffy type of bread, but I guess you figured that form the photos. As for the method of rising – it is ok, as far as the water is not too hot and you don’t keep it for too long. It be great to hear about the results you got with this method.

  • Jen

    I found this recipe after my boyfriend asked me to make crusty bread instead of my usual bread. It worked perfectly and he was delighted!! Great recipe (and mine rose well, I did knead it a little because I made it in a kenwood mixer but even so, a very user friendly recipe and great loaf!) Thanks.

    I’ve posted it on facebook for all my friends to see!

    • Sarah

      Jen I agree it’s a very user friendly recipe especially for those of us not familiar with baking( AKA: me) My husband wanted a rustic bread with the pasta I was making, tried this it was perfect now on my third time tonight..

  • amber

    wow so i just made your bread and my hubby thinks im martha stuart in disguise lol… i must admit tho im not sure if i translated the quantities right from metric to cups… i adjusted the water only slightly (added 2-3 tbs) and a lil more yeast by accident but it looks and smells fantastic! i cant keep my hubby away from the oven!

  • amber

    wow so great!!! but since i have TMJ it killed my jaw… its like a love hate thing… loved it but hated how it killed my jaw! wish i was normal so i could get the full joy out of it! chewy and crusty like i love my bread!

    • Hi, Amber! I’m really sorry about your TMJ problem, but I can’t deny I feel verfy lattered by your comments :) Even without any jaw problems I personally try to avoid too much bread or any kind of carbs, but with this bread this is almost impossible, so I think I know what you’re talking about…

  • Katherine

    Made it last night and my roommates had eaten an entire loaf before it was ten minutes out of the oven! Truly wonderful!

    • Thanks for sharing, Katherine! I’m really glad all of you liked the bread.

  • Andrew

    Fantastic bread, thanks. Turned out just like the photo. Our dinner guests were most impressed. Had 2 of the loaves on the night and the next day I double baked the 3rd with a bit of olive oil drizzed over the top. Magic!!

  • SNNG1234

    I’ve got to say, the picture looks terrific. So much that I decided to try and bake some. Well what a disaster. I followed the recipe exactly as it was written. As for the measurement conversions, I relied on Google. Well, the dough hardly rose. Much less doubled in size, and it didn’t in the over either. No, the yeast wasn’t old, infact the exp. date isn’t until March of 2013, so not even that close to the date. This is my first attempt making bread ever, and was hoping since it seemed to be a fairly basic and not to difficult recipe to follow, was hoping for a nice surprise. Well, a surprise? Yes. Nice. Can’t say it was. Well, guess I won’t be attempting bread for a while. Have to get over the humiliation of flubbing up what seemed to be a pretty basic recipe. :o(

  • The bread turned superb! I made it for breakfast and everyone was amazed (and we have a high standard of a stone-oven baked bread here!). Your photos were really key to boost my confidence in the recipe. Thanks a lot!

    • I’m glad it turned out so well you could amaze your family. Thank you very much for sharing it, Olga!

  • judy

    outstanding recipe! … just what I needed,(was in crunch mode, decided to do soup for dinner, and needed the bread to go with … and NOT 3hrs for it to happen in) definately a repeated-able and on my go-to list. thanks.

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  • Sarah

    I made this bread last night to go along with homemade pasta, sausage and pepper sauce. I’ve never made bread before “biscuits yes” never bread. It was amazing, came out perfect.. My husband said he wanted rustic bread well he got it and LOVED it… I bought a ciabatta bun “just in case” well we threw it out. Thank you so for sharing your recipe will definitely be a staple in our house…

  • Sarah

    @ Hana
    I agree just like the fresh bread aisle at Central Market.. It was perfect, my husband said he felt like he could almost be in Italy buying fresh olive oil and bread from a small bakery…

  • mike

    I guess some will think I’m stupid or old fashion, but what does 500g and370m mean. Why can’t we use U S A standards.

    • blarney

      it is the world wide web,google it~ 500g is about 4 cups. 370ml is about 1.5 cups

  • Sarah

    @ Mike 500g of flour is right at about 4-4 1/2 cups, I’ve used just a little over 4 the two times I’ve made this. Plus some for dusting. As far as the 370m of water it = the same as 1 3/4 cups of lukewarm water, its always turned out great friends and husband loved it. The only thing I added was very course salt and sprinkled a little oat flour on top b4 baking.. Very good, in fact the dough is resting now for tonight..


    • Thank you very much, Sarah :)
      Mike, we believe measuring the ingredients for the bake goods in volume (cups) is not so precise as measuring them in weight, so that is the reason we often give our recipes in grams and milliliters. And we live in Europe :)

    • Sue

      Just found this recipe on pinterest and will be trying in a few minutes. I’m in the US. I used my kitchen scale to weigh my AP flour and came up with 500g = 3 1/3 cups. On my liquid measuring cup with both ml and cups, 370ml = just a little over 1.5 cups. I found both of these conversions elsewhere online but wanted to be accurate. Looking forward to making this today. Love the no kneed bread, my other recipe takes 12-18 hrs to proof, no time for that today! :)

  • mike

    Thank you for setting me stright. I guess I was just to lazy to look up the tables on the internet, however I did make the bread and found it to be delecious. Thank you so much.

  • Sarah

    @ Mike now that you got it
    , get on it and make it. It’s a very tasty fresh quick loaf of bread…. @ Borislava no problem if I find a recipe I want to make I’ll figure it out. I often have to google translate as I get a lot of recipies from taste spotting and they are from all over the world..

  • Shonti

    Okay this recipe is flawless. I screwed up the measurements and it still came out moist on the inside and crusty and oh so good. Out of the blue I decided to make a lobster bisque and needed some bread to top it off this was a great addition.

  • Wendy

    So yummy! I used about 3 1/4 cups flour – but used bread flour so that makes a difference. Came out great! The first time I made it I did the first bake for 15 minutes – this time I am going to do a little longer for a little crustier bread. Very exciting. The whole family loved it. May also make little round loaves for sandwiches… the possibilities are endless when it’s so quick and easy!

  • Sarah

    @ Wendy did you notice a difference in the flavor or consistency with the bread flour? One more why did you use less flour? One reason I love this recipe you can play with it and almost always be guaranteed a good bite.

  • Wendy

    I dont’ have a comparison as I have only made it with bread flour. I used less because I think it weighs more due to the higher protein content. I am using all purpose flour today – so I will let you know.

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  • Sarah

    Im back, Sarah Mizzy here!!! I’ve made this bread 3 times always turns out fabulous, nice chew/crunch on the crust with a succulent warm soft doughy inside.. Last night I added rosemary & chopped black olives to the dough “let it rise”. Than divided it into 4 dough balls and cooked them as big rolls in a warm cast iron skillet, with fresh rosemary, big grain salt & olive oil. Delish !!!!!!
    @ Borislava, this is a pic hope it opens up for you or anyone else interested to see how the rolls turned out.. FABULOUS!!!!!


  • Wendy

    Just made this recipe again with bread flour. I used 3 1/4 cup. But this time I just made one large loaf. IT was AMAZING! I also brused it with a little oil and topped with garlic powder and salt. Kinda tasted a bit bagelish. Everyone loved it.

  • Mamadala

    Wonderful! I steam baked it and the crust turned out nice and crisp and the inside soft and chewy. Perfect soup or dipping bread. Thanks for sharing!

  • Woodvetch

    Excellent. Easiest bread I’ve ever made. Flour to slicing crusty airy chewy bread in under two hours. I rolled the dough in sesame seeds. My new favorite easy bread recipe.

  • valfbutler

    This bread is FANTASTIC. This is coming from a woman who was “bread-baking impaired.” Really… my bread was known amongst my friends as a “lethal weapon” – hard and inedible. I didn’t have honey so I substituted a 1/4 cup of brown sugar and added a 1/4 cup of water. It’s a little sweet but very good. The additional water didn’t change the texture at all. I checked on the web to see how to substitute sugar for honey and the additional water was recommended. Thank you so much. I’m sure I’ll make this bread many times in the future.

  • itzhak

    Made this bread tonight–twice. It’s a good, simple bread. I will say though, I’m not sure what lukewarm means in Europe, but in the States it means body temperature–feels neither warm or cool to the touch. I followed the directions calling for lukewarm water and it took an hour and 45 minutes to double in size. It think it’s simply too cold for the yeast. I remade it using hot tap water and got the desired rise in an hour, as stated in the recipe. Just a heads-up!

    • Hi, Itzhak! Lukewarm here means exactly what it means in US. Around 37C – that is actually the best temperature that allows the yest to develop. If the water is too hot, it may kill the yeast and the dough will not rise at all.
      The time needed for a dough to rise depends not only by the starting temperature of the water (and of the dough in consequence), but more from the temperature in the room. You should choose a warm spot to place the bowl with the dough, like a sunny windowsill or even the oven, heat on to not more than 50C – 60C.

      • itzhak

        Well, being that I live in Arizona, warmth is not an issue! And learning what I have about baking, the water needs to be a little warmer than lukewarm. Lukewarm won’t cut it. :)

  • Marta

    Have you ever tried baking in a dutch oven? I do a no knead bread in one that’s wonderful, but it has to rise for 8 hours, and then 1-2 more after a quick knead…

    • Hi,Marta!
      We actually didn’t try baking this bread in dutch oven – it is really fast even baked free standing on a baking tray in the oven, and it always has a wonderful crust. So for this particular recipe we don’t think we can make things better, really :) You should try baking it, we think you’ll love it!

  • Hamoyen

    Just came across ur blog tonite n couldn’t resist making these loaves! They turned out alrite, very tasty! I used a Kenwood with a dough blade, but I think i’ll follow ur bowl & fork method next time. Mixing them too well they’ve became a bit dense. But not bad generally! Thx! :)

  • Woodvetch

    Excellent quick bread I’ve made numerous times and shared with friends since finding this recipe. Have made it with all bread flour and all purpose flour but like a 50/50 mix best. I generally add some herbs to the flour and top the dough with sesame seeds before baking. I also put a shallow pan of water in the oven for extra crusty exterior. Today is rosemary rolls for sandwiches this week. Yay. btw kitchen scales are inexpensive. Weighing ingredients is most accurate and gives optimum results.

  • aishahias

    I’ve made this bread so many times and my family loves it! I’ve even tried it with whole wheat flour. It was a little bit denser but still delicious. Thanks for the recipe, :)

  • Jan

    I can’t believe something this good could be so easy! Sending the recipe to my sisters in Georgia today!

    • Jan

      I just finished one of the three loaves. I don’t know what happened!

  • sal

    Love love love this bread, found the recipe yesterday and i’m already making my second batch today. Thanks

  • Sarah

    I´ve made olive rolls with this recipe before, really pull apart in an iron skillet. Not only looked great but tasted fantastic!!! Going to make 3 loaves plain(for dipping in chive oil and crab dip) and rosemary olive rolls (with this recipe) to go with risotto for NYE tomorrow!!!! Again thank you for sharing, I´ve used this recipe MANY MANY times, weather stayed true or altered it a bit,aka olives, its always great..

  • Meg

    I just tried this recipe out and my whole family loved the results. I have never made bread before and I’m not sure I did it exactly as intended (are you supposed to put the yeast in the water first or just put it right with the flour before you pour the water/honey in?) but either way it turned out great. Thanks!

  • Katy

    Just the best easy recipe for crusty bread, my family loved it!!

  • Katie

    I tried the bread and it was easy and worked great. It has a crusty outside and a moist inside. Just and FYI for folks trying this, it doesn’t slice super well because of light bubbly inside. It sliced better after letting it sit for a while. Don’t let that deter you, I think it is just part of not kneading a bread. The taste was great and being able to make bread in a short amount of time is awesome!! On a side note, I can’t get this recipe to print, it want to print 180 blank pages…..anyone else have this issue? I can’t even select the text to cut and paste to another page to print. Looks like I’ll be packing the laptop to the kitchen counter again!

  • Gina Beiler

    This just didn’t work for me. The dough was too stiff and I had to add water. It didn’t seem like enough yeast but I made it the way the recipe required. The loaves were skinny and dense. They were, however, nice and crispy outside. Any suggestions?? Thanks.

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