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How to Make Garlic Confit Spread

How to Make Garlic Confit Spread

This stovetop garlic confit is quick and easy. It only requires garlic cloves, olive oil, and 30-45 minutes of stovetop cooking. The result will be tender and deliciously sweet garlic that can then be used in many ways. What is Garlic Confit? To confit something, in French, simply means to cook it for a long …

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one-pot chorizo paella with chicken

Simple One-Pot Chorizo Paella

This simple one-pot Chorizo Paella with Chicken recipe is great for busy nights when you don’t have much time, but still want to make a delicious meal! Paella is a really wonderful dish. It’s one of those great all-time foodie recipes. It is a combination of beautiful flavors that create something better than the sum …

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Jarzynowa polish vegetable salad

Jarzynowa: Polish Vegetable Salad

Jarzynowa or polish vegetable salad is a staple dish in Polish cuisine, and everybody has their own way of making it. This is a delicious version of the Russian salad or Polish potato salad and it is pyszne (delicious!)! How did the Polish Vegetable Salad come about? Lucien Olivier, a Belgian-born Russian chef, made this …

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cabbage omelette

Easy Cabbage Omelette Recipe

Cabbage Omelette is a delicious and affordable cabbage dish. This is a great recipe for a quick and easy meal. It is also packed with healthy goodness from cabbage. A Budget-Friendly Recipe I was able to make some quick recipes during the quarantine period. I tried out different recipes and found the best way to …

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Badam Burfi

Make Badam Burfi With Almond Flour

This quick and easy Badam Burfi recipe is made with blanched almond flour. You may try this delicious Badam Katli recipe to make your festival bright and stress-free. Making sweets for festivals like Diwali can be a daunting task, except for experienced home chefs and cooking professionals. Sweets are great for any occasion: a house …

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orange fennel salad

Orange Fennel Salad With A Twist

This salad has already become a modern classic. It’s fresh and crisp, and it’s really nice to have it for a change to the winter diet dominated by processed vegetables. Its bright, citrus presence makes it a wonderful addition to most winter menus, or for those days we feel a bit heavy after the holiday …

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Simple & Delicious Pasta Della Checca

This simple, no-elaborate-sauces pasta is actually one of the most popular summer recipes in Italy. It’s easy and quick to prepare, but, as with most Mediterranean dishes, incredibly delicious. There is no explanation of why it’s called “pasta della checca” (translated as “Queer’s pasta”). Still, this typical Rome cuisine dish is well known and loved …

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